Friday, October 23, 2009

friday linkpile

Does it count as a pile if there's only two? How many grains of sand must you take away from a heap before it is no longer considered a heap? Anyway, have a couple quick links before the big game tomorrow.

- The ACC SJ hits the nail on the head with regards to Groh.

- Tar Heel Mania has the ACC roundtable roundup. One nice thing about a hasty roundup that not everyone had time to answer is that you get quoted more often if you do submit.

That's it for today. Friday's supposed to be my off day. I'm not even supposed to be here today, I've got hockey at two.

Oh. There is one more thing. My hard drive. It still won't hand over my data. I have one, maybe two options left and then it's game over. Sucks for me, but for you, it really doesn't mean much. I can easily reconstitute the recruiting board and depth chart, that's no biggie. I didn't have any games on there waiting to be turned into highlights except for the Maryland game, which is still on the TiVo so all is not lost, you'll get your Maryland highlights. The point is, other than a little rework, there will be no further crash-related delays on this blog. At least, none related to this particular crash.

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