Monday, October 19, 2009

computer update

Tuesday update: I have my computer back with a fresh new, non-broken, bigger, hard drive. Instead of posting, this evening I'm working on the question exchange with From The Rumble Seat and recovering the data off the old hard drive. This is....let's say "possible." I'm not yet ready to call it "likely," but with time and luck the hard drive will cooperate and I can rescue my files. Cross your fingers and wish me luck.


Go back and read the last post if this is new to you. The whole post is pretty good if I do say so myself, so hey, might as well read the whole thing, but the part that's relevant to this is the bottom part in italics. Where I detail my wonderful computer issues.

If you have read that, then here's a ray of sunshine through the clouds: I have coaxed the ol' laptop into working condition and put it on the Internet. Well, not me, my computer savvy ran out and the tech support folks did it, and I spent 45 minutes on the phone with the helpful friendly folks who do this stuff for a living. The things I do for you guys.

Anyway, regular posting will resume. There may be something of a dropoff in awesomeness as this laptop is about five years old. There will definitely be a distinct lack of highlight videos. The recruiting board isn't going to get any updates til I get my regular compy back and neither will the depth chart. Said compy, by the way, is currently sitting at the technician's shop awaiting a new hard drive and for all the data (I hope) to be cloned from the old, broken hard drive onto the new one. That damn thing. If I'm lucky I get it back tomorrow. If not....well, I'll likely get it back pretty soon no matter what, but the luck will be whether or not I get my stuff too.

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hey what happend to your examiner articles?