Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blogpoll ballot, Week 6

Ballot below, suggestions encouraged, etc. etc.

2Virginia Tech
3Florida 1
4Texas 1
5Southern Cal 2
6Ohio State 2
7Boise State 2
8Cincinnati 2
9Miami (Florida)
10Iowa 4
11Georgia Tech 1
12LSU 2
14TCU 1
15Penn State 2
16Nebraska 4
17Oklahoma State 1
18Brigham Young 6
20Houston 5
21South Florida 1
23South Carolina 2
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Auburn (#11), Georgia (#18), Wisconsin (#23).

Not much by way of explanation here. Auburn and Wisconsin drop out because the only thing keeping them around was an undefeated record. Auburn took it in the nuts from a team they shouldn't have lost to, and their defense is frankly appalling. And Wisconsin's flimsy resume doesn't look any better now that there's a loss attached to it. I'm still not particularly enthused about anything below Oklahoma, though. I expect a lot of shuffling in that part of the ballot in the coming weeks. Kansas is a fraud and cruising for an ass-whooping in two weeks, but they're an undefeated fraud, and hey, at least they didn't lose to NC State, Pittsburgh.

Anyway, suggestions encouraged as always.

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