Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the recruit: quintin hunter

Third in a series aiming to break down the future new guys into tiny little very readable capsules. I expect to do one of these for each of our verbals, and then February of course will bring Signing Day, and Signing Day will bring a larger uber-analysis, and the larger uber-analysis will bring you joy. So straight to it.

Quintin Hunter is one of those guys they call "athlete", even though no coach is going to turn to the bench and say, "Hunter! Get in there and play athlete for Pugelschmidt!" Hunter plays quarterback, wide receiver (no, silly Hokie, not on the same play), safety, and moonlights as a basketball player when there's no footballin' to be done. He committed in March about a month after Dominique Wallace.

Name: Quintin Hunter
Position: Athlete, but that's not a position. He appears destined for WR.
Hometown: Orange
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180*
40: 4.5

ESPN: 150 Watch List; no number grade yet.
Rivals: 5.8, four stars, #25 athlete
Scout: three stars, #87 wide receiver

*Scout lists 195, but most other outlets say 180.

Hunter appears to be a well-thought of player who, more so than Wallace, recruiting sites can't agree about his position and therefore can't agree about his evaluation. Scout's three stars are almost assuredly based on his prowess as a wide receiver only; ESPN and Rivals are taking into account all his positions. Regardless, we're getting a good player. Hunter was also offered by Tech, WVU, Md., and Stanford, and Georgia was showing interest as well.

The highlight videos that Rivals offers up show exclusively quarterback footage. This is because Orange County, like 4 billion other high schools in the country, has a player that's 10 times the athlete of anyone else on the team and will therefore have the ball in his hands every play. That's Quintin. Wide receiver was more of a thing to get said athlete on the field as a sophomore with a senior quarterback already entrenched. Hunter throws a very nice spiral, but he has a major drawback in that he throws behind his receivers all the time. Scarcely a passing highlight went by without his target having to break stride to catch the ball, and these are the highlights, intended to show us the best. This may have a lot to do with why we want him as a receiver. (Rivals $)

Now, the above article was useful for telling us about Hunter's future position. It also has another useful nugget of info, backing up this earlier article: Rivals $. That one is entitled "Hunter lists Hokies as his favorite." Fear not, friends, those articles are from November and September of last year. Yes, Quintin Hunter grew up a Hokies fan. I don't even hold that against him; on the contrary, it's awesome. Another reason to say TTTTHHHBBBPPPPTTTT to Blacksburg. Come on, it's fun: TTTTTHHHHBBBPPPPTTTTTT. So what changed? For one thing, Hunter called it a "long trip" to Blacksburg when he visited. It's only 3 hours or so to Tech, but Orange is a mere 45 minutes from Scott Stadium where Hunter will be spending autumn Saturdays. Hunter wants to play QB, but like all recruits he wants to play, and with Tyrod Taylor behind center in Blacksburg for the foreseeable future and with our complete lack of a wide receiver who doesn't have cornerback glue on him, Hunter's chances of playing time are a lot better here than there. Plus, you know, he likes the place. Who wouldn't?

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