Tuesday, September 2, 2008

hurricane watch

No, Miami's not rolling into town yet. But Hanna is.

That little black dot, which may as well be labeled CHARLOTTESVILLE for its accuracy on the map, is actually labeled 2 PM SAT, indicating a collision of time and space and hurricane that would make the Richmond game stupendously soggy. If Hanna follows that path, it wouldn't actually be a hurricane by the time it reaches Virginia - it wouldn't even be a tropical storm according to that chart. But it would be a big rainy mess. Football is a game well suited to playing in blizzards or monsoons, and people will even watch when that happens, but keep an eye on the news for words like "rescheduled."

Speaking of news, you should read Groh's weekly press conference if you like reading questions from media types browbeaten over the years into not asking questions that run the risk of eliciting an answer carrying real information. Two points of interest:

- Denzel Burrell, obviously, has the starting OLB spot all to himself, but someone has to fill the other half of the two-deep, and Groh has been impressed by freshman Cam Johnson.

- Groh also liked Lalich's ability to move about a bit in the pocket and escape the rush.

The depth chart has some interesting changes, by the way. Johnson isn't the only freshman addition to the two-deep: Steve Greer is now backing up Jon Copper on the inside. This I'm pleased to see. I think Greer is going to be good. Real good. I have absolutely zero hard evidence to back this up....it's just the feeling I got during his recruiting, back about 7 months B.T.B. (Before This Blog.) If Greer gets on the field much this year it'll be because of injury, and we don't want that, but I'm looking forward to seeing him compete for a job when it's his turn.

Jared Green also makes an appearance, replacing Cary Koch (?!) behind Kevin Ogletree. No word of a Koch injury, so....? Koch and Green were two of the better players on the field wearing blue on Saturday. Lastly, Ras the Destroyer isn't there either. Mike Parker is listed as the starter in his place, with Minnifield backing up.

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