Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lalich can't stay out of trouble

I'm trying to write the Richmond game preview. Peter Lalich has other ideas, and now I have to write this instead. You'd think it would not be that hard to stay out of trouble, especially when you have incentive to do so by having your charges dropped if you do, but Lalich cannot. He's refused to take a mandatory drug test, which as you might imagine is a probation violation. Court date is September 26.

If Lalich is benched for the Richmond game, chances are it won't matter. Tropical storms have a way of causing the playcalling to slant heavily toward the run, and Deke/Verica can presumably hand off to Peerman just as well as Lalich can.

If Groh waits until the court date to discipline Lalich, the day after the court date is the Duke game. Something to keep in mind.

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