Tuesday, September 2, 2008

injury bug says how YOU doin'?

Not real great, thanks, Injury Bug. But you're gonna take a second starter off the defensive depth chart anyway, huh? Jerk. Yeah, Aaron Clark is done for the season, having sprained a knee in the USC game. Surgery will happen. Clark is a senior, but has not yet redshirted a season so he should be back next year.

This really isn't as bad as all that, though. Bad for Clark, yes. Bad for depth, yes. But Clark and Denzel Burrell were waging the most even position battle on the team and were pretty likely to be splitting the year 50/50. Now Burrell wins by default. Before the injury, Clark was playing about as well as you can allow yourself to say a defender played in a 52-point debacle, but Burrell won't be a drop-off in ability. Now we just need Dowling back. Quickly, because Minnifield was picked on early and often by the USC offense.

So, the basketball team. Back from Quebec with a 2-1 record against the Canadian teams. At first I said, WTF squared, man, how'd we lose to - lemme check here - McGill?? But McGill gave Kansas - the same Kansas with the big trophy from last season - a run for their money too, eventually losing by only 5. And they used a 13-3 run in the closing minutes of the game to win, after we'd already played almost 3 full games in less than 24 hours. So it really doesn't show much. Actually what it shows is this: full marks to Dave Leitao for trying to do something - anything - to fix our age-old problems on the road. Putting the team through three games in two days is a great idea. And we seem to have this historical difficulty beating no-name teams in exotic locations - Chaminade and PR-Mayaguez come to mind - so getting that out of the way when the games don't count (and before the trip to the far-off land of Minneapolis) can only be a good thing.

At least we're not the only football team in Virginia to be pretty pissed off about losing on Saturday. Tyrod Taylor's redshirt lasted all of one week down in Blacksburg. College Game Balls was mildly annoyed by Glennon's somewhat less than stellar performance against East Carolina, in case you couldn't tell.

Lastly: BlogPoll update. Tennessee decided Monday was a good day to die, and did. So my presumptive poll from Sunday is no good, and here is the new one. Speak now or forever hold your piece.

1Ohio State--
2Southern Cal--
6Missouri 1
7Texas 1
8Arizona State 1
9LSU 1
10West Virginia 1
11Wisconsin 1
12Kansas 1
13Brigham Young 2
14Texas Tech 2
15Auburn 2
16Virginia Tech 2
17Wake Forest 2
18Oregon 2
19Alabama 7
20Clemson 14
22Fresno State--
23South Florida--
24Tennessee 6
25North Carolina--

Dropped Out: Michigan (#24).

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cgb said...

Yeah I was mildly annoyed at Glennon's performance to say the least. Hopefully we will both turn it around so our game isn't just a national afterthought.