Friday, September 5, 2008

Lalich update

I really don't understand some people. The judge gives you a chance to wipe your record clean by specifically not doing Thing X and you do Thing X. Thing X is against team policy. Thing X would be illegal even if you hadn't already been arrested. Thing X is, in Peter Lalich's case, weed. It's against team policy, the law, and the terms of his probation.

Some are saying it's time to just cut our losses here, boot Lalich, and start Deke all season. It's too soon for that - what Lalich's been up to still doesn't rise to the level of stealing shit, and guys have been kept on the team even with that on their records. But I hope the judge comes down on his ass. Frankly, Lalich should sit on Saturday, and he should sit the game after his court date, too. Like Pavlov's dog, he needs to get it through his thick skull: Court = Bad. Court = No Play Football. He needs the association. Because this notion that a drug is more important than a scholarship worth at least a hundred grand is retarded.

POST EDIT: For Richmond game preview, scroll down. I started that post last night and it seems Blogger posts them in the order you start, not the order you post. That's annoying, and I'm walking out the door in like two minutes so I don't have time to see if there's a way to fix that.

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