Thursday, September 25, 2008

yeah, man. random pianos

Finally the truth comes out: Maryland is just jealous of our random pianos. The ones that Marc Verica likes to play which seem to be scattered around Grounds. (I'm sure there's one in Old Cabell since it's the music department building, and I'd actually not be surprised to find there's one sitting in some room somewhere in Newcomb. And who hasn't stopped in behind the Chemistry Building to hammer away at the piano that was left there in the Great Piano Prank of '57 and never removed?) Anyway, you heard it from a Maryland grad, who freely admits Maryland is "a barren, dark university" with random acts of violence instead of random pianos.** And apparently no music department.

Anyway, the news today is fantastic. I'll let soccer coach George Gelnovatch do the talking here. Take it away, George, just how good is the news?

“The good news is that all four [knee] ligaments weren’t torn,” said Gelnovatch, whose Cavaliers (3-3, 1-0 ACC) travel to Blacksburg to take on Virginia Tech on Friday night.
Sometimes the silver lining really only looks that way because the rest of the cloud is just that dark. The subject ligaments belong to the left knee of wunderkind Chris Agorsor, who - thank heaven for itty-bitty, tiny, squinchy little miracles - tore merely two of the ligaments in his left knee against CCSU. Instead of all four plus whatever tendons so that his knee could hang by the skin - yay.

We'll go back to McFarling (the Maryland grad) again, over at the Roanoke Times, who provides all sorts of ammo for the Why Is Vic Hall Not Playing Quarterback crowd at TheSabre. Vic Hall could very well be a better quarterback than any presently or formerly on the roster, but the problem is how thin we are at corner. Seriously - there is nobody. Hall and a healthy Dowling would be fine if we could get a healthy Dowling. Chris Cook would have been even nicer. The depth there, however, is weak.

**(Note: This is as good a time as any to point out that I am not Main Stream Media and therefore am perfectly within my rights to selectively quote and drag things so far out of context as to be unrecognizable by their own mothers.)

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