Tuesday, September 16, 2008

weekend review

I was slightly bummed going into this weekend; I was all ready to look for tickets to the UConn game, it being played near my neck of the woods (and no BC game this year to boot) until the Save The Date card came in the mail for the wedding of a friend. So no trip to Hartford, and on top of that the wedding was right on top of the Notre Dame game, so all I was gonna get to see of that was half of the first quarter or so.

If only the wedding was scheduled an hour earlier. Then I could have avoided seeing three Michigan fumbles in about 49 seconds flat.

The best I can say about this weekend as far as football is concerned is that it was a very nice wedding indeed. Good timing, too.

I haven't yet fired up the TiVo to take a look at that game. I hardly need to. The score and the rushing yards (on both sides) tell me just about all I need to know. Later on this week I'll take a look, mainly to do my review of the quarterbacks and their stats, but also to see if Bob Pruett bothered ever putting eight men in the box like I told him to. (Bet he didn't.)

The good news is that we have a bye week to prepare for Duke. The bad news is that that actually qualifies as good news. Duke has a bye week to prepare for us, anyway. By the way, that game? Gonna be at 12 noon on ESPNU, the channel that takes hideously bad football games that advertisers won't even pay to sponsor on ESPN2 and regular people won't want to shell out a hundo or two to get GamePlan for.

Guh. Enough of the depressing present. Let's take a look at the future, starting with the recruiting board. Updates:

- Removed Anthony LaLota, who committed to Michigan, and Taylor Sowell, who committed to Duke. That's gotta piss off the Heel faithful.
- Rejiggered the competition list for Tavon Austin, who should probably be considered the longest of longshots at this point.
- Did same for Will Hill, though our chances are considerably better here.

Come to think of it, that's kind of depressing too. The board, anyway, in all its LaLota-less glory:

QB Kevin Newsome
- VT, PSU, Mich., UNC, WVU
RB Tavon Austin
- Md., WVU, UGA, Mich., Neb., Tenn., Ill.
RB De'Antwan Williams
- Bama, VT, BC, Md., Rutgers, WVU
WR Justin Brown
- PSU, VT, NCSt., S.Car, UNC
WR Sean Farr
- Md., WVU, Akron, EMU
WR Timothy Smith
- L'ville, S.Car, WVU
WR Antone Exum
- SCar., VT, WVU, PSU, Md., Tenn., Purdue, L'ville, CU, Wake
TE Logan Thomas
- VT, Clemson, WVU, UNC, Wake, Tenn., FSU, PSU
OT Morgan Moses
- pretty much everyone east of the Mississippi
OT Oday Aboushi
- Iowa, Md., Rutgers, PSU, Mich., BC
DE Brennan Williams
- BC, Wake
DE Michael Buchanan
- Purdue, Ill., Cal, Vandy, KU
DE Lanford Collins
- VT, PSU, Tenn., WVU, Md., NCSt., UNC, BC, Ill.
DE Garry Gilliam
- UConn, PSU, Temple, Pitt, Akron
DE Will Hill
- UConn, Mich., S.Car., Tenn., Md.
DE Bernardo Nunez
- lots
DE DeAntre Rhodes
- VT, Md., Clemson, Tenn.
DE Pat Muldoon
- Cincy, BC, Wisc.
OLB Jelani Jenkins
- everyone and their aunt
CB Travis Hawkins
- who isn't interested?
S Javanti Sparrow
- Clemson, UNC, PSU, VT, WVU
DB Joshua Evans
- 28 other schools. for real.

On to the ones that have already given their word.....

DOMINIQUE WALLACE: Got the better of Quintin Hunter's Orange team with 19 carries for 157 yards and 2 touchdowns in a 21-7 win. Hunter threw for 141 yards and scored the only TD for Orange on a 15 yard run.

ROSS METHENY: Led Sherando to a 49-0 win over Hedgesville. Threw for one touchdown and scored another on a 59-yard scramble.

ALEX OWAH: Is leading his district in rushing, but will miss a few weeks with a stress fracture.

PERRY JONES: Oscar Smith beat Indian River 46-14, and Jones rushed for 228 yards and 2 TDs, caught two for 58 yards, and threw a 27-yard TD pass.

KEVIN ROYAL: Scored an 85-yard touchdown in Brunswick's 34-0 win over Hackley.

Lastly in our weekend review, we take a look at the rest of the ACC. Which, no thanks to us, did pretty well this week.

- North Carolina clocked Rutgers, and Carolina March puts it in a little perspective.

- Florida State also waxed the second opponent on the Shameful Disgrace portion of their schedule. Whatever. The NCAA oughta double the upcoming scholarship losses just for playing those two games.

- California rolled into College Park with a shiny ranking number next to their name on the scoreboard, and Maryland PROTECTED THIS HOUSE. Turtle Waxing is looking a gift horse in the mouth a little bit.

- Duke gave the ACC a slight edge in the Congressional Bowl sweepstakes. Whoops - that's E*******k Bowl. (They don't pay me to plaster their name all over everything.)

- V squeaked by G in the Battle of the Techs, and it earned Brian Stinespring a reprieve for a week in the VT blagowebs. Sort of.

- Finally, Clemson knocked off NC State, which thank God for the Pack because we still don't look like the sorriest-assed team in the ACC, yet.

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