Monday, November 8, 2010

blogpoll ballot, week 10

I guess I finally got with the program and figured out the Oregon-Auburn championship game. I really thought TCU would solidify their #2 spot with the total shellacking of Utah, but a couple things conspired to leapfrog Oregon ahead:

- Oregon State's loss turned them from a ranked team into just another 4-4 schmo, so TCU's win over them lost a lot of luster.
- Oregon's marquee win over Stanford gained a lot of shine with Stanford's demolition of Arizona.

Other goings-on in the ballot this week:

- Am I being too kind to NC State? Probably. It's puzzling how their resume doesn't look like this great world-beating thing as a whole but the system continues to love it, relatively speaking. If there are good arguments out there to bump them some, I'm all ears.

- Mississippi State gets the bye week bump. They ended up 26th. With Alabama and Arkansas looming, they'll either return in grand fashion as VT did this week, or we've seen the last of 'em. Wisconsin's bye week also saw them take a drop. Happens to just about everyone.

- Like Oregon, Iowa is a beneficiary of improved performances by their opponents, specifically Penn State, Michigan, and even Iowa State.

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