Monday, November 1, 2010

blogpoll ballot, week 9

A little late this week, but that won't stop the world from turning.

I didn't do any divine intervention this week. What you see is exactly what the system turned out; I like the result.

I did do one thing different. So many teams knocked themselves onto the wait list (the list of teams I'm not interested in considering but might if they impress me later on) that I ran a mini-ballot for the wait-list teams, and took the top 4 into the usual calculation. Oregon State and USC made it to the top 25; Florida and Kansas State did not.


- It seems odd that USC would lose and jump into the ballot to replace Nevada, which won. But Nevada hasn't been handling the WAC-snacks very well; really, it's Hawaii that's replacing them. Nevada's marquee win is Cal, which isn't much of one.

- VT gets the Bye Week Bump. Happens to everyone.

- UVA had a nasty effect on Ohio State; see, Miami was OSU's marquee win, which now has a fair amount of tarnish on it. OSU hasn't otherwise been heavily tested in the Big Ten; the only major deal they've had is Wisconsin, which was a loss.

- I was artificially holding NC State down; the system loved them (had them at #20 last week) but looked at as a whole, their resume looked lacking. I let go of that this week and the system happily places the Wolfies at #17. With a punishing win over GT and also a win over better-than-you-think UCF, I'm OK with it.

- Guess who the system spit out a three-way tie between? MSU, Wisconsin, and Iowa, that's who. Fitting, with a recycling-symbol result between the three. When the system ties, I decide, and that order is the only way to go given Wisconsin's win over OSU and MSU's need to turn to trick plays to beat mediocre neighbors as well as their lackluster showing against FAU.

- Missouri is still ahead of Nebraska because Nebraska's resume is only just starting to match their media poll rankings. Missouri's is sparkling; one of their worst wins is against 6-2 SDSU. At that level, Nebraska has Western Kentucky.

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