Monday, November 15, 2010

blogpoll ballot, week 11

As ever, below, and commentary after. Help fix what needs fixing with your comments.

I got dinged last week for ranking Wisconsin so low, and dropping them a spot after scoring 83 points against Indiana won't help. Why is Wisconsin outside the top 15?

My system takes a team's entire resume equally into account, is why. There's no weight attached to your best win or worst loss. Most of the world looks at Wisconsin's wins over OSU and Iowa and their close-ish loss to MSU and mentally puts the rest of their schedule aside. I don't. Wisconsin's hideous showing early in the season (beating sad-sack UNLV by 20, beating sadder-sack San Jose State by 13, etc.) is keeping them low. The Indiana win is their third-best showing of the season; a lot of close games against teams that shouldn't produce close games if Wisconsin really were a top-10 team are marring their resume.

The system even put Iowa a spot above Wisconsin - that did seem crazy, so I switched them. Iowa does have what I consider the best win of the season: the only bona fide, start-to-finish ass-whooping of a top-15 team all year.

The system also gave me Arizona 24th and USC 26th. But it's awfully, awfully close between those two teams plus Florida, so I decided USC's win over Arizona would make a better tiebreaker.

Nevada returns to the ballot because no matter how weak the meat of your schedule looks from playing in the WAC, the system is eventually going to reward 9-1 over 6-4 and a shaky 7-3.

A lot of people are going to keep ranking Mississippi State, but their best win is over Florida and if Florida keeps losing, that doesn't look so hot. I can't keep them in based on wins over two very down squads in Florida and Georgia and keeping it close against Auburn. They needed to show something against Alabama and couldn't.

Baylor and Hawaii, teams I've ranked in the past, missed getting ranked by a lot. Baylor has one more chance - a win over Oklahoma gets them back in contention. Hawaii blew it against Boise State and then took a bye week bump this week; with nothing but the absolute dregs remaining, I think we've seen the last of the Warriors.

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