Monday, November 29, 2010

blogpoll ballot, week 13

As I guessed, Saturday sucked. Not only was I wishing football out of existence by 2:00 (as predicted), I was pretty much wishing existence out of existence thanks to the lingering effects of Friday night's 10-year high school reunion. Who knew it'd take so much beer to make certain people tolerable again?**

Anyway, I literally have no reaction any more to the loss on Saturday. When Matt Millen was still president and chief fuckwit of the Lions, I reached a point where I figured one day he'd be fired and that day would be beautiful, but for now I'd run out of ways to get pissed off about his presence. It's kind of like that. Maybe tomorrow he'll be fired. Maybe we'll win next year. At this point there's nobody to vent at except maybe the evil fates. "It's Al's fault" got old a while ago and London's still in his grace period. So.

**That wasn't nice of me. I actually like my high school class, probably even more so than I used to.

So, ballot. Commentary below.

As predicted, Oregon retook its spot at #2 by playing a legitimate opponent. Some other things:

- The system actually continued to rank Iowa and Florida. What can I say, their wins don't exactly suck. But it seemed silly to rank a 7-5 team over an 8-4 team that beat them, so Mississippi State replaced Florida. Likewise it seemed silly to rank a 7-5 team over a 7-4 team that beat them, but Arizona was too far off the radar to replace Iowa, so I decided on Northern Illinois instead. NIU got the nod over 9-3 Central Florida on account of being 10-2 in a conference that really isn't much worse than UCF's.

- West Virginia, on the other hand, is legit, if a little bumped-up because of Iowa's and Florida's removals. The system likes them for a return to the top 25 even despite their extra bye week, which this system frowns upon. A 9-3 WVU team would be most deserving, assuming a win next week,

- Maryland will likely be a popular pick for a low-end vote or several, but not here. They ended up dead last out of the 30 teams I looked at, and by a longshot. You just can't call their resume a rankable one. Not by any stretch.

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