Monday, November 22, 2010

blogpoll ballot, week 12

Not a lot of craziness this week, so not a lot of movement. A few things worth a look:

- Oregon sees itself fall to #3. Unfortunately (for Oregon) every team under consideration now has at least one bye week - which means that the system doesn't like it when you have two. This week, Oregon plays Arizona and TCU plays stomping-mat New Mexico, which means it's highly probable that Oregon resumes its place at #2 in next week's ballot.

- Michigan State is low at #18, which is what happens when you keep dancing on the edge of a knife against bad teams.

- The line between 25th and 26th is very slim, but there's a cliff between 27th and 28th. In essence, the system figures there are 27 teams worth considering at this point. I ran 30 through the numbers this week; Mississippi State, Hawaii, and Central Florida came up woefully short. (Miami and USC are 26th and 27th, respectively.)

USC, Miss. State, Hawaii, and UCF were themselves the top four teams in the mini-comparison I ran before I ran the main one. Teams like Michigan, West Virginia, and Penn State were near the top but not enough that I figured they'd be worth bothering with. Who came in around the bottom of the bottom? Tulsa, Temple, and Ohio for example. Even 9-2 Northern Illinois didn't come close to making the cut. My point here is that any vote for teams like that is borderline idiotic. At least, so the system says. And I have every reason to believe the system.

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