Tuesday, September 8, 2009

blogpoll ballot revised

Thanks to Miami, I have to revise my ballot. Revision below. Yes, I'm aware Miami is still below Florida State. As always, you're encouraged to set me straight as needed.

2Alabama 1
3Texas 1
4Southern Cal
6Georgia Tech 1
7Penn State 1
8Oklahoma State 3
9Oklahoma 3
10California 2
11Ohio State 1
12Boise State 3
13Virginia Tech 4
14Mississippi 1
15Brigham Young 8
16North Carolina 3
17TCU 3
18Pittsburgh 3
19Georgia 2
20Florida State 6
21Clemson 1
22LSU 4
23Oregon State 1
24Miami (Florida)
25Notre Dame
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Oregon (#16), Iowa (#25).


Leather D said...

Florida St. above Miami? The games aren't just a piece of information to be considered - they are the point.

When teams have played only one game, it is indefensible to have the loser (at home) ranked above the winner.

Brendan said...

I should ignore, then, what I thought about the teams going in? If you take that logic to its natural conclusion, I should throw out all preconceptions and rank the teams by margin of victory, and no losing teams should appear. Because, why should I throw out my preconceptions about FSU and Miami, but not, say, Western Kentucky and Tennessee? Somebody actually did that to make a point and it got spiked.

It's too early to go pure resume. I also, you might notice, kept BYU below Oklahoma.