Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blogpoll ballot Week 4

As always, comments and improvements welcome. Especially this week.

1Alabama 1
2Virginia Tech 14
5Boise State 2
6Cincinnati 15
7TCU 5
8Houston 12
9Oklahoma State 16
11Southern Cal 1
12Ohio State 1
13Miami (Florida) 12
14Auburn 1
15Oklahoma 4
16LSU 8
17Georgia Tech 7
21Michigan 1
22Penn State 16
23South Carolina
24South Florida
25North Carolina State
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: California (#5), Washington (#9), Pittsburgh (#14), North Carolina (#15), Florida State (#17), Brigham Young (#18), Mississippi (#23).

Who knows any more? This is really just me chucking things at the wall and seeing what sticks. This seems reasonable enough, but I'm easily swayed by convincing arguments this week, more so than usual. I will say that there were two games this week that had major ripple effects: Stanford's drubbing of Washington (hence drops for teams like LSU, USC, and OSU) and South Florida's win over Florida State in Tallahassee (causing a drop for teams like BYU, though not, oddly enough, Oklahoma.)

Anyway, suggestions that weren't made while drooling on your keyboard are highly likely to go into effect this week, because most of these teams don't have ironclad reasons to go where they are, and there were also about 10 other teams that didn't make the cut but easily could have. (Utah, for example.)

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Brandon said...

You can do almost anything you want with the rankings this week (short of the travesty put out by the coaches) and it'd be hard to argue against. My own look quite a bit different from yours this time around, but switch a few preconceived notions here and change an excuse there and I could easily wind up with exactly what you have.

I'll make a few cases though, since I'm bored and just in case you are. I gave oregon a fair bit more credit than you did, treating the Purdue scuffle as a hangover from the disaster of the week before and buying into a win against a solid utah team and the absolute thrashing of cal who I just can't believe is _that_ bad. Their only actual loss _is_ against a top 5 team at this point. But... now that I look again I can also make cases for all the teams ahead of them being ahead of them.

Other major spot I differed was having OK State and Georgia a fair bit lower, mostly because I basically excused the high scoring SC game as a result of carolina missing both their starting DT's and playing their first game without their injured starting middle linebacker. Or at least I think that was the situation. Anyway, it was also a road game for SC, and excuses made I went ahead and ranked them ahead of both georgia and OK State, just because I wanted to, and ole miss was another team whose hype I'd bought into. Yeah, weak argument. I'll just stop now, this week was absolutely crazy...