Monday, September 7, 2009

weekend review

Besides the obvious, I mean. If there's a kind of listless tone to this post, just, you know, read below to find out why.

I guess we'll start with soccer, they spent their weekend productively at least. Two wins out in Portland lend some confidence that they really were just kinda messing around in the exhibition season. Will Bates is already coming in handy, slamming home a goal early in the second half against Portland to make sure they didn't get any uppity ideas about a comeback. Tony Tchani and Ross LaBauex swept offensive and defensive MVP awards. All in all a successful trip. No time to fool around: the ACC season kicks off right away with the Duke game on Friday.

There isn't any recruiting board update, so instead I fixed up the depth chart. With Keith Payne off the team I made the assumption that his scholarship gets handed to Patrick Slebonick. Injured players are denoted, and the starters and backups are now basically correct, although it ought to be pointed out that just because someone's not on the nominal two-deep doesn't mean they don't play. Especially at wide receiver.

The future's a lot more exciting than the present right now, so here's what the recruits are up to:
TYLER BROSIUS: Getting back on track this week with four touchdowns - two running, two passing - in a 35-14 win.

ADRIAN GAMBLE (2011): Didn't figure in Independence's 35-32 win.

E.J. SCOTT: Good Counsel opened their season in California with a 28-16 win, but Scott didn't play.

PABLO ALVAREZ: Couldn't find any game details for Alvarez's game this weekend, only the score - his team lost. Instead here's some Alvarez fluff for you.

OK, so we lost. Wasn't a good week for the ACC in general, to be honest. The only teams that won were playing I-AA patsies (or Sun Belt teams) and not even all the teams that were playing said patsies even managed to win. Time for a spin around the ACC blogs to see how they felt about things.

NC State was the opening act for the second year in a row, and for the second year in a row shat the bed. State Fans Nation says the following:
South Carolina was bigger than NC State. South Carolina was faster than NC State. South Carolina was better coached than NC State. South Carolina had three
trips to the red zone. NC State had ZERO. It was amazing that this game was even close.
Tell it like it is, man. If there's one consolation about losing to a I-AA team it's that it wasn't the very first game of the season with the entire nation watching because they're starved for football.

Georgia Tech dropped 37 on Jacksonville State, but From the Rumble Seat is feeling left out of the pity party and isn't impressed with the Jackets' performance anyway.

Boston College's offense scored 45 points on Northeastern. Eagle in Atlanta thinks that's a B+ effort. Despite the BC fanhood, apparently the blog is written by my freshman year computer science prof. At this point I'd hand Jameel Sewell a B+ if he learned which color jersey his receivers wear.

Wake Forest lost to Baylor, which I kind of think says "Baylor's decent" at least as much as it says, "wow, Wake sucks."

Block-C is just as unimpressed about their win as FTRS is about theirs.

Duke lost to Richmond, and it's a shame there's no Duke blog so I can go find someone equally miserable. Normally Dookies would just say "wait til basketball season" but Cutcliffe is causing expectations, which are not met by losing to Richmond.

VT didn't help the ACC's cause, and Gobbler Country has seen it all before and it depresses him. "We are the same team we were last season." I BET THAT SUCKS.

Testudo Times is another blogger handing out grades for his team. The only difference between that and BC is Maryland got completely trucked. The grades remain pretty much the same. This is more like my astronomy professor, whose grading saved my ass and my grade point that semester from my computer science prof.

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Winfield Featherston said...

I think the Duke blog you want is Big Duke Balls.
There you can join the pity party you are looking for. Tough game bro but I am looking forward to breaking the curse this hear in Hooville!