Thursday, September 24, 2009

thursday linkpile

My big project for today was to update the depth chart. Perfect timing what with a bye week and all. Speaking of bye weeks, I found myself actually disappointed today that I didn't have a game preview to look forward to putting together, which means I was also disappointed there isn't actually a game. Such is the life of a fan: my brain has given up on this season but my heart hasn't. I use both for writing, which means you're in for some really schizoid stuff in the next nine weeks.

The updates are:

- Dominique Wallace and Matt Leemhuis are added to the rolls of the injured, and they'll be that way all year. Dontrelle Inman and Mike Parker are now healthy.

- Cam Johnson moved ahead of Aaron Clark at OLB.

- Tim Smith moved into the two-deep in place of Jared Green.

- Riko Smalls shifts back to quarterback.

Now, some links.

- Remember the ACC Roundtable from earlier this week? Some people answer pretty straight, and then there's the From the Rumble Seat entry, as it would appear they're still in a bad mood about Miami.

- Jim Young at the ACC Sports Journal talked with Kris Wright of TheSabre about how UVA fans are feeling about things. It's pretty a symbolic conversation. The bulk of the article, as with the thoughts of the fanbase right now, is depressingly concerned with the state of the football team and How We Got Here, but there's just a little bit there at the end, off in the future and splashed with optimism, about Tony Bennett's rising sun.

- Jeff White chronicles a grueling basketball workout. (Future UVA bloggers: When in doubt, link Jeff White. There's always some good shit there.)

- Finally, there is some Jameel Sewell fluff. Plus a little bit - like, a very little bit - of insight into the way the offense is sort of cannibalizing the old principles while still using a lot of the new mechanics.

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Winfield Featherston said...

Sore losers maybe? Nah, just frustrated. haha. Bring on UNC!