Friday, September 11, 2009

friday linkpile

It's not usually that you get a Friday post midseason, but some links need to go up, and it might just become a semi-recurring feature if you're lucky. Or more likely, if worthy internet stuff trickles to my attention over the course of the week and I don't have a good place to put them.

- The ACCSJ spotlights our offensive woes.

- College Game Balls has the ACC roundtable roundup. You must read this.

- A little fluff from Jeff White spotlighting the upcoming battle between Will Barker and TCU's all-solar system defensive end Jerry Hughes. Be warned: I suspect that if Barker appears to be getting the better of the matchup, it may soon become the battle between Hughes and Landon Bradley instead.

Also, White's blog provides some insight into the lacrosse team and the future starters. Steele Stanwick, obviously. I'd link but individual posts aren't linkable, so just click through, it's not like it's hard to find.

- Lastly, and this is the exciting part, it's time for something that hasn't happened in, by my count, 919 days: a Sexy Results! post. Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away, Sexy Results! ruminated upon UVA and life in general, all with a talent for the pen that would have made our revered founder proud. Then, just as Dave Leitao was leading his charges to the peak of the decade's accomplishments, the pen ran dry, and the blogosphere was a little darker. Now the light in the window is back on. Go read.

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