Sunday, September 13, 2009

James Johnson is a Hoo

Rivals and Scout are both reporting it.

K.T. Harrell, James Johnson, Will Regan, and Joe Harris. That's four members of the Rivals 150; two (Johnson and Harrell) in the ESPN 100, and two (the same two) in the Scout 100. And for Johnson, we went toe to toe with Arizona and Cal. This, this is what a top-ten recruiting class looks like. Tony Bennett has managed to snag a better class in half a year of recruiting than Dave Leitao ever did, especially if you give him half credit for having to re-sell Spurlock and Evans on the program. Unbelievable. Just incredible. Bennett is going to be a nightmare for the rest of the ACC.

Full Johnson update will be on the table Tuesday or Wednesday. For now, we settle for a hearty welcome aboard.

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