Sunday, September 6, 2009

week 1 blogpoll ballot

Here's the preliminary ballot for Week 1. Yes, I know that the games aren't even over yet. I'll revise based on the outcome as necessary.

Some sort of game recap coming just as soon as I stop pretending it didn't happen.

2Alabama 1
3Texas 1
4Southern Cal
6Georgia Tech 1
7Penn State 1
8Oklahoma State 3
9Oklahoma 3
10California 2
11Ohio State 1
12Boise State 3
13Virginia Tech 4
14Mississippi 1
15Brigham Young 8
16Florida State 2
17North Carolina 2
18TCU 2
19Pittsburgh 2
20Georgia 3
21Clemson 1
22LSU 4
23Oregon State 1
24Notre Dame
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Oregon (#16), Iowa (#25).

Minimal explanation needed here: it's last week's ballot, shuffled as appropriate based on this week's results. We're still sort of in preseason mode, in that until teams have enough of a resume to go on, you just sort of assume the teams are about as good as you thought they were and adjust based on what happened.

A couple notes:

- Washington was 0-12 last year. I warned last week that LSU would get dinged if they didn't treat them as such. It may be that U-Dub really is that much improved, in which case it'll show later on and LSU's resume will look that much better. For now, LSU drops below teams that took care of business like top-25 teams do.

- I'd move BYU higher if Sam Bradford hadn't been hurt.

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Tim said...

Love your blog. As a UVa and Uof Michigan alum I feel your pain. (I'm also a U of Illinois alum, to many degrees.)

Did you watch the BYU-Oklahoma game? BYU was the better team even when Bradford was in the game. Don't go by resume. My guess is that OU will not be good this year.