Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blogpoll ballot Week 2

Presented for your perusal. Notes after the ballot.

2Southern Cal 2
3Alabama 1
4Texas 1
5Georgia Tech 1
6Penn State 1
7Utah 2
8Oklahoma 1
9California 1
10Ohio State 1
11Boise State 1
12Virginia Tech 1
13Brigham Young 2
15TCU 2
16Pittsburgh 2
17Oklahoma State 9
18North Carolina 2
20Clemson 1
21LSU 1
22Miami (Florida) 2
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Florida State (#20), Oregon State (#23), Notre Dame (#25).

So, like.....I dunno. This wasn't too screamingly difficult until I got to #17. Pretty much everyone from #16 on up basically took care of business. After that.....whoof. Let's split these notes up into an Easyish section (1-16) and a WTF section (everything else.)

- Utah gets dinged a bit for letting San Jose State make a game of it. I guess it looks kinda weird for them to be still above Oklahoma while BYU is not, but I think it's fair at this point since we're still well ensconced in the part of the season where the preseason ballot is still legitimately biasing the current one. Next week will provide a lot more clarity as Utah visits Oregon and BYU hosts Florida State, so if you've got a beef about how BYU and Utah looks, maybe just hold fire til next week and let things shake out.

- I gave some thought to USC at #1 since, you know, Ohio State, and if OSU had rolled Navy like they were supposed to I might have done it. While Florida hasn't beaten anyone, like I said we're still not to the part of the season where resumé takes an iron grip on things. Give it another two weeks for that. Meantime, Florida has beaten bad teams but not in such a way you can hold it against them.

- The rest of the top 16 is pretty much a function of Oklahoma State crashing out.

OK, so, the next nine. Jeebus.

- I had the damndest time thinking of what team should be #17. Georgia? Tough time justifying it after their loss also lost when they shouldn't have and then they let South Carolina roll up 37 points. Florida State? I had already made the determination to excise them after that near-fiasco yesterday. Oregon State? When they needed a last-minute field goal to beat UNLV? Clemson? Move them up four spots after a loss? LSU? After two lackluster wins against lame-ish opponents? And so on and so forth. After all this process of elimination, I decided this is where Oklahoma State would land, on the presumption that maybe, just maybe, Houston doesn't totally blow. I intended to drop Okie State farther, but this is where they ended up because nobody else deserves to be that high either.

- I'm really open to suggestions for the rest of it. Cincinnati? Hey, make a case - maybe Rutgers doesn't totally suck. Should Oregon State not drop out? Does Houston have any business there? This is just really weird because nobody deserves to be ranked 17-21 and there are like eight or ten teams that can make a case for 22-25. If I could have four #22s and four #23s, I'd do it.

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