Sunday, November 8, 2009

Blogpoll ballot Week 10

A little later than normal, but here we go:

2Alabama 1
3Florida 1
4Georgia Tech 3
5TCU 4
6Cincinnati 1
7Boise State 1
8Houston 4
9Oregon 5
10Southern Cal 4
11LSU 1
12Ohio State 6
13Pittsburgh 2
14Iowa 8
15Miami (Florida)
16Oklahoma State 1
17Wisconsin 1
18Penn State 5
19Virginia Tech 2
20Utah 4
23Arizona 3
25Notre Dame 6
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: California (#22), South Florida (#23), Boston College (#25).

I belatedly took last week's advice and punted Boston College in favor of Clemson.

I suspect the denizens of Bloggerville will swing their first-place votes Alabama's way, but Alabama is hurt in my system by Virginia Tech not being quite the powerhouse they were thought to be, and I think Alabama's had a few too many too-close-for-comfort games.

Navy seemed high to me at first, but as Ohio State trends upward, so does Navy. Plus, a couple teams that they've beaten looked like ass at first but have been sort of sneaking towards decency (namely, Air Force and SMU.) Then again, they didn't look too impressive against Western Kentucky. Unfortunately they're done playing teams worth a damn, so it'll be even harder to tell from here on out.

This ballot took a while but I think the extra time was worth it - damn if it's not a pain in the butt trying to figure out exactly what to do with idiots like Oregon and Iowa that have pretty nice-looking resumes but decided to take this week off.

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