Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blogpoll ballot Week 9

I still hate football.

1Texas 1
2Florida 1
3Alabama 2
4Oregon 7
5Cincinnati 1
6Iowa 2
7Georgia Tech 1
8Boise State 3
11Pittsburgh 5
12Houston 2
13Penn State 1
14Southern Cal 7
15Miami (Florida) 4
16Wisconsin 6
17Oklahoma State 2
18Ohio State 1
19Notre Dame 1
21Virginia Tech 8
23South Florida
25Boston College
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: South Carolina (#21), West Virginia (#23), Central Michigan (#24), Mississippi (#25).

Quite a shakeup in both the top and bottom section of the rankings. That's because Oregon's win over USC made me decide to apply the scientific method to the top half too. It ended up pretty good for the most part. Pittsburgh was too high after the science did its thing, and they still might be. Boise State's schedule doesn't look too good these days, because that's what their conference is like.

As for the bottom half, well, I really, really hate putting those bottom four teams in there. They don't deserve a ranking. But the alternatives are CMU, Idaho, BYU, Rutgers, and WVU, which deserve rankings even less. I could maybe throw Auburn or South Carolina in there, but I'm not going to unless someone shows me a good reason.

Good reasons for changing anything are always welcome, by the way, because the science isn't perfect. It churned out Virginia Tech as my #15 team. Nobody with three losses, one being UNC, is gonna get ranked that high. They can stay, but they're right where they belong.

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Brandon said...

Don't see putting BC in over Clemson... two of BC's losses were complete beatings, and they turned the ball over 5 times in the 3rd. Clemson's win over miami, and their crushing victories over BC itself and wake are all better (in my view) than anything BC's managed on the field. Frankly, I consider coming within 4 and 3 of a pair of top 10 teams better than anything BC's done so far. Basically, you have to throw _everything_ else out because of one awful day against maryland, without which they'd probably be ranked somewhere around the top 15. It's an awful loss, but I still have trouble with one bad day outweighing the rest of the season. I'd probably apply the same logic to Wisconsin being ahead of Ohio State... but I don't like OSU much.