Thursday, November 19, 2009

Q&A with Block-C

So as previously mentioned, a Q&A session has been conducted with Block-C, the preeminent Clemson blogeteers in the business. My answers to their questions will be linked whenever they're up over there - should be sometime later today. (That time is now. Here it is.) That is recommended reading. Meantime, here's what they told me when I pinged them mercilessly about Clemson football:

1. The Al Groh era is coming to an end in Charlottesville. What is your least favorite Clemson-vs.-Groh memory?

That would definitely have to be the Thursday night game back in 2004. We had to play in Charlottesville, in the rain, and got stomped 30-10. Are you enjoying this? (Ed. note: Yes, I am. You get to enjoy Saturday, I'm taking my turn now.)

2. Barring an ACCCG matchup, there won't be another UVA-Clemson game til 2013. Opinion on the ACC schedule that makes that possible? Also, will Dabo Swinney still be coaching?

Well, it swings both ways. We'd like to pick up a relatively easy win for the next few years, but it would make our strength of schedule go down. No knocking on you guys or trying to sound like an arrogant prick, but you guys have your work cut out for you and it'd be nice to capitalize on your growing pains.

3. UVA's president and administration (as well as the Virginia legislature) lobbied the ACC for the addition of Virginia Tech to the invite list when ACC expansion was going on. But Clemson's main OOC rival remains OOC - would Clemson fans have liked to see South Carolina re-admitted to the ACC instead of one of the three teams that did get in? Or is life better when you don't have to share a conference with those you hate?

At first it might be better to have them in lieu of Boston College, but it really is better that they are out of conference. I don't know why, but it really is just nice not to have them in the ACC. Of course, we do get the run of the mill little brother argument that the SEC is harder than the ACC, but they regularly turn around and drop embarrassing losses to us.

4. What's your take on the monstrous abomination that is purple jerseys with purple pants?

They were pretty damned cool the first time we brought them out for Game Day back in 2006, but since then they've been kinda "meh." It's like an internet meme that's being forced now. We wear all purple, we lose. They are definitely garish and have been known to cause seizures, but I'm sick and tired of "Fad-Outs." Stick with the all orange combination for special occasions and that's good enough.

5. Seriously, how in the hell did you lose to Maryland? I ask so I can rip off the answer for the "How we can win" section of my game preview.

I really don't know. I even went to that game and it seemed like we just didn't prepare at all for that game. It was obviously the team still trying to get on the same page as a unit. We just didn't take them seriously and it severely bit us in the ass. We've been waiting for another trap game and I think that was our one for the year.

6. C.J. Spiller carried 14 times for 18 yards in last year's game. Tell us why that won't happen again.

Well, partially because he was splitting time with James Davis who at the time was the number one back in our offense. That and he's grown so much since this time last year. He really has stepped it up and actually filled his shoes in terms of the caliber of player he was projected as when he first stepped foot on Clemson's campus.

7. We have a really brutal offense. I'm setting the over/under on UVA's total yardage at 190, which was last year's total. Over or under?

I gotta say under because looking at the trusty conference stats, you guys are bottom-rungers in most offensive categories and we're near the top of the heap in terms of defenses in the conference. Our defense is definitely the cornerstone of our team and this would be a great game to make a statement for the bowl committees if we don't go the BCS route.

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