Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blogpoll ballot Week 11

Here you go. Comments welcome as always. My own after the ballot.

4Georgia Tech
7Boise State
8Oregon 1
9Ohio State 3
10Pittsburgh 3
12Iowa 2
13Wisconsin 4
14Penn State 4
15Houston 7
16Oklahoma State
17Virginia Tech 2
19Southern Cal 9
20Clemson 1
21Miami (Florida) 6
23Boston College
24Arizona 1
25Oregon State
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Utah (#20), Navy (#22), Auburn (#24), Notre Dame (#25).

So, I really wish, this week, it was a 20-team ranking, because I sort of had to hold my nose to rank these last five. There's nobody especially deserving. Some notes:

- I'm not sure I dropped Houston far enough. Would have liked to drop them more, but then I'd have to push Oklahoma State further down the ballot too and they don't need to be any lower than they are.

- I have told you time and again that Utah is a fraud. I'm pleased they showed as much yesterday. Bye-bye.

- Cal, Arizona, and Oregon State have a little circle of death going in which they're all 1-1 against each other. I hate when that happens. Of the three, I decided to rank the two that were competitive in their losses and didn't become somebody's chew toy.

- Fellow voters in the Blogpoll, coaches' poll, and AP poll: STOP RANKING BYU. I have kept them off my ballot these many weeks because they haven't done squat. Once Oklahoma ceased to be Oklahoma, you might as well rank Temple or Central Michigan. Seriously. Either of those two teams is a better choice than BYU. In part because neither of them have five-point wins over 0-10 teams. Step away from the BYU button.

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Brandon said...

On the subject of Houston, think you just have to let go of keeping them ahead of OK State. Yeah, they won head to head, and that victory is better than anything OSU's done, but they've now got 2 of the worst losses of any teams even considered for ranking.