Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blogpoll ballot Week 13

Not a lot of heavy-duty thinking went into this one, I'm afraid, due to Thanksgiving travel and other Matters To Attend To that we'll get to not only very soon but also for most of the rest of the week. The point is that this might require a little more attention from the masses than usual.

1Alabama 1
2Texas 1
4TCU 1
5Cincinnati 1
6Boise State 1
7Oregon 1
8Ohio State 1
9Georgia Tech 5
10Iowa 1
11Penn State 1
12Virginia Tech 3
14Miami (Florida) 2
15Pittsburgh 5
16Southern Cal 3
17Oregon State 3
18Wisconsin 3
19Nebraska 3
20Oklahoma State 6
21LSU 3
22Brigham Young
23California 2
25Clemson 8
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: North Carolina (#18), Mississippi (#23).

Just a couple notes:

- Alabama replaces Texas at the top due to the appearance of Auburn on their resume and (yes even though Alabama needed a fourth-quarter drive to finish it off) the not-exactly-convincing win by Texas over A&M.

- Fine. I will rank BYU this week. Some of these four-loss chumps that couldn't finish off a rivalry game left me no choice. Utah can get bent, though.

- Wow - no one-loss teams at all this year, except for the future loser of the SECCG. Unless Cincy takes a dump against Pitt next week, or Texas fails to handle whatever B12 North putz stumbled into that championship game. (I guess that's Nebraska.)

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Brandon said...

Looks pretty good, I either agree with most of it or can see the rationale behind it. Still think Houston's too high for a team whose schedule is mostly meat (UCF, one of the teams who beat them, was essentially ejected from the field by Miami, who sits a spot behind Houston). Other than that, the one thing that really sticks out at me is Wisconsin being so high. Frankly, I don't even have them ranked at this point... Just for comparisons sake, I'll look at them against LSU at #21. LSU has 3 victories over teams in the 7-5 grouping in the SEC, who I think used this weekend to prove they belong on the field with pretty much anyone. Their losses are a 10-pointer to the #3 team at home, a 9-pointer to the #1 team on the road, and by 2 to Ole Miss on the road. Wisconsin, meanwhile, has marquee wins over Minnesota, Michigan State, and Fresno State. The best team ANY of those 3 have beaten is Northwestern, and I can't imagine they would've hung with the mediocre pack in the SEC. Meanwhile, Wisconsin lost by 18 at #8, by 10 to #10, and by 2 at Northwestern. Very similar schedules, just wisconsin's feels a little worse at every turn.