Thursday, November 19, 2009

game preview: Clemson

Date/Time: November 21, 3:30 PM


Last matchup: Clemson 13, UVA 3

Last week: BC 14, UVA 10; Clemson 43, NCSU 23

History against the Tigers: 8-36-1

Line: Clemson by 21

Opposing blogs: Block-C, Shakin' the Southland

Do you know what you're going to be doing in 2013? I sure as hell don't. This might sound like a repetitive theme but it is weirder than weird that we share a conference with this team and it'll be four years until we play them again. We never even played against the Jeff Jagodzinski edition of Boston College. The four year gap ensures that, barring a medical redshirt for someone at some point, nobody who takes the field in Saturday's game will do so the next time these two teams meet. It's less weird when it's an expansion opponent like BC. This is a founding member of the ACC we're talking about. Someone really needs to rejigger the rotation. I might have some proposals for this in the nearish future. Anyway, Clemson.


- I'll defer to Block-C here, and their answer to the question about how they lost to Maryland: " seemed like we just didn't prepare at all for that game....We just didn't take them seriously and it severely bit us in the ass." So there you have it. If Clemson doesn't prepare or take us seriously. Not that this isn't possible, but Clemson has something very important at stake here, so it's unlikely.


- The usual, obviously.


Well, Clemsonians like to point out that their defense is among the best in the conference, which it is, and therefore likely to stop us in our tracks every time. This is true, but my answer is, how much worse can they make our offense? We can't move the ball against anyone - Clemson ain't special. BC did about what I said they should do, which is run the ball lots and lots. Clemson will do the same and would love the chance for their Heisman candidate to rack up the stats. Montel Harris carried 38 times last week; I wouldn't be surprised if C.J. Spiller tops 40. No disaster of Miami proportions, but this has all the makings of a game where we just get the fight coldly and efficiently strangled out of us and lose something like 27-3.

Two small things:

- This game is on national TV because every game other than UNC/BC is likely to be an even bigger stompfest, and because Clemson is likely going to clinch their spot in the ACCCG. So get ready for the C.J. Spiller Show and a 50/50 chance of the announcers even acknowledging Clemson has an opponent. I put the odds at 2 to 1 in favor of hearing "Rashawn Johnson", "Steve Green", or "Ras-I Downing" when referring to our players.

- Marc Verica is out on the injury report, Hall is questionable, and Sewell probable. And Clemson has the kind of defense that makes quarterbacks have very bad days. Saturday might see the Riko Smalls debut.


Duke at Miami, 12:00
North Carolina at Boston College, 12:00
Maryland at Florida State, 12:00
NC State at Virginia Tech, 3:30

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