Monday, July 7, 2008

cat in a tree! call the FBI

Yeah, it's that kind of a slow news day.....week. It's the dog days of summer. Prospect camp is over, spring practice was like three months ago, the season is close enough to be counted down to but far enough away so that you want to punch the countdown clock. The Washington Post UVA section still has "Syracuse Stuns Virginia" as the second-from-top headline in its UVA section. Rivals has some stuff about dudes liking their trips to Charlottesville, which is cool and all, but the next time you see a headline saying "Prospect Fricking Hated His Visit, Never Wants To Go Again Except To Beat The Pants Off Those Sorry-Ass Punks, Commits To Hated Rival Instantly" will be the first.

In other words, if we were your Local 4 News, our lead story today would be "HYDROGEN IN YOUR DRINKING WATER! IS IT POISONING YOUR KIDS? STORY AT 11!" But we're not, so I'm just gonna babble a little bit. A good football blog would have a good little story about EA's NCAA 09, but I have no such thing. They do, though. You might want to read it. I could do another of "the recruit" series, but I just did two this past weekend and the Ross Metheny one is pretty good. That sound you hear is my horn, and I'm blowing it. Go ahead though, read it, I like it, it's a nice little piece of bloggery.

You might notice there's a banner now; in fact if you're really astute you might have noticed the old one and that this one's a bit different. I'm kind of having fun experimenting with it, but my Photoshop skills are like my cheap Photoshop-esque program: bad imitation of the real thing. If you like it, say so. If not, definitely say so, then I have an excuse to go play Photoshop Ranger some more.

Further on up the road, I've got a few projects in mind; I listed a few of them earlier. I hope to work on something of a recruiting board so that they're easy to keep track of. Also you should find in this space in the not-too-distant future a better list of links.

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