Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the sun will come out

tomorrow, as the song goes. Or at least, there will be some interesting things to read, so even if it's cloudy and nasty outside, your computer screen will be chock full-o-sunshine. But only if you read the blog, you see.

So what's the big deal? First, ESPN's Blue Ribbon Preview of UVA will run tomorrow.....if you have ESPN Insider. Oh, there's theoretically a one-in-six chance that ours will be the free preview to entice you to pay up and read everyone else's, too, but I'll bet you it's either Tech or Miami, as they're doing the Coastal Division. Today, the Atlantic Division, and if you care to you can go read Clemson's.

Logan Thomas, the much-wanted, nationally ranked, zoicks-he's-good athlete recruit out of Lynchburg, will announce his narrowed-down list tomorrow, ("five or seven schools") and Virginians wait with bated breath to find out who. Actually, half of Virginians. Thomas couldn't help himself and let a few out of the bag early: Clemson and Tech have already made the cut. (Rivals $). Smart money says Tennessee hears their name called tomorrow too. (Rivals $, again.)
So really, out of 16 offers including WVU, SCar., Auburn, Colorado, OU, and most of the rest of the ACC, two to four are yet to be named. I figure we're good for one of those spots, even if only to keep the people off his back who don't want him to cross off an in-state school.

And it is not, by the way, a bad thing that he lists Tech as a contender. Tech, remember, intends to sign just 10, maybe 12, recruits to their class. They've got 7 commits right now. (And they are not, how you say, stellar. The only ESPN watch list guy on their list is the kicker.) So they're going to be keeping a few spots open for guys like Thomas, Morgan Moses, what have you. This ties up their recruiting somewhat (more) and leaves UVA open to slide in and nab a few of these mid-level-to-good instate prospects that otherwise might head to Blacksburg. How do you think we got Quintin Hunter?

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