Thursday, July 17, 2008

we're going places

And according to Sitemeter, some of those places are ones like Belgium, Germany, and Mexico. I have not been to any of those places and I am jealous of my own blog. But those are not the places the title means. No, the title is there to assure you, the reader, that I have a Plan and am not just vomiting words onto my keyboard all the time.

July 28, I will commence the official FOV season countdown. This is not quite as dramatic as it sounds. July 28 is simply the day on which the first ACC team preview will appear. There will be team previews of every ACC team and each non-conference team appearing on our schedule. An ACC breakdown follows. Then I'll preview our offense and defense on successive days, and it will lead up to the regular feature of a game preview on August 28. And in between I'll vomit words onto my keyboard as appropriate.

Speaking of game previews, you can expect these every Thursday before a Saturday game. This is a hobby and moneymaking time is set aside before 4 PM each weekday - therefore I rarely post in the middle of the day, and Thursday previews give you all day Friday.

And why you ask do you have to wait all the way til like four days before the season starts to hear about our team? Cause I kind of like to know who's actually gonna be playing, that's why. I'd sure love to assume we have a drop-back passer for the season only to have Groh announce that Riko Smalls will be under center for USC.

(Digression: I hope it is not Scott Deke just so I don't have to hear Mark Tirico say "Scott Deek" 100 times. The linebacker's name is Copper, not Cooper, OK, Mark? Somebody slip that man a media guide. Anyone who watched last year's Maryland games knows what I'm talking about.)

So without further ado, here's your content for the day:

First up, more fluff from the Daily Progress: a catch-up article with Ryan Pettinella, who is looking to play in Italy and probably make a career out of it. (Charlottesville, in case you were wondering, is a fantastic lovely town but it is not a place where Things Happen, so the CDP is rather adept and prolific at churning out these excellent what-they-doing-now sort of articles. That's why you get these so much.)

On YouTube there is a nice and long (though of typical YouTube visual quality) highlight video of our last win over Tech. I have very fond memories of this, as it was my last game at Scott as a student.

The Orlando Sentinel has an article, inspired by Heather Dinich's ranking of ACC stadiums, which in turn was inspired by ESPN's national ranking of stadiums, that does the same thing. Seems ranking the stadiums is the thing to do. (I will avoid doing this for the simple reason that I've only been to two ACC stadiums.) So instead, here is somebody else's view of Scott Stadium:

Sorry, North Carolina fans, but this is the most picturesque place in the conference to spend a Saturday afternoon. The architecture is beautiful, the hill is unique and the surroundings gorgeous.
I saved probably the most interesting for last. The dates and times for the ACC Wipes The Floor With The Big Ten Challenge:

Mon., Dec. 1:
Wisconsin @ Virginia Tech, 7 PM, ESPN
Tue., Dec. 2:
Ohio State @ Miami, 7 PM, ESPN
Iowa @ Boston College, 7 PM, ESPNU
Clemson @ Illinois, 7:30 PM, ESPN2
Duke @ Purdue, 9 PM, ESPN
Virginia @ Minnesota, 9:30 PM, ESPN2
Wed., Dec. 3:
Indiana @ Wake Forest, 7:15 PM, ESPN
Penn State @ Georgia Tech, 7:30 PM, ESPN2
Michigan @ Maryland, 7:30 PM, ESPNU
North Carolina @ Michigan State (at Ford Field), 9:15 PM, ESPN
Florida State @ Northwestern, 9:30 PM, ESPN2

Opinion: This could have been much worse. Though we're on ESPN2 competing with Duke for viewers, we are not 1) competing with UNC/MSU at a big-ass football stadium for viewers and 2) not relegated to ESPNU. And we're on the first day for once (not counting the day of one game only) instead of the second day when nobody cares because it's long been decided that once again the Big Ten loses the Challenge. Given that we're not widely considered a threat to make much of a postseason splash again this year, I think the schedulers did alright by us.

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