Tuesday, July 8, 2008

they say those are serious

And now we know it's true. FSU OL Evan Bellamy is out for the season thanks to a blood clot in his leg. It's the medication actually that will keep him out; blood clots mean blood-thinning meds. Either way it's not the news the Noles wanted. They already have no seniors on the line; losing Bellamy makes them even more inexperienced, as Bellamy's backup has zero game time.

Here's what I don't get, though. This is Orson Swindle's line, he of EDSBS fame:

This takes ten starts off the line’s overall experience tally, thins out an already scanty Seminole line decimated by suspensions for the first three games of the season...

Aaaaaaaand link. Oh, and I'm not picking on Orson - ESPN's article linked above mentions it too.

So what? Reminder: FSU's first two games are Western Carolina and Chattanooga. These are not just I-AA teams, they are terrible I-AA teams. It's been harped on by many before me, but can we be spared the talk of FSU's ever-so-thin lineup against the double-decker preseason cupcake they've set up for themselves? The culture of academic and legal shenanigans that gave them the Free Shoes U. moniker has not gone away; proof positive is the who-cares three game suspensions handed out by the school knowing full well they're not exactly missing the Miami game.

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