Tuesday, July 1, 2008

don't fear the future

And why not? Because I'm going to tell you what will happen in it, that's why. Within the confines of these pages, anyway. Beyond that it's all Reply Hazy Try Again and all that.

Anyway, I owe you, the very intrepid reader who stuck with his or her Google search for probably about 25 pages, a little bit of What To Expect. It's now July, which means, technically, football season begins next month. Kinda scary, as it's not even the All-Star Break yet.

So on this page, I'll be working on a few things to bring to you. Before the season starts, I expect to have a little capsule something on each of the teams in the ACC and a reasonably in-depth look at our own, too. More than capsule-sized.....more like horse-pill sized. There will also be similar capsules on the non-conference teams on our schedule. The usual jazz of predictions and other sportswritery stuff will accompany. The recruit series will continue til every single one of them gets their own spot. There will be basketball coverage too, but it's likely to be sad and glum stuff because it's kind of a sad and glum season coming up with no #44 to save the day one-handed while falling over on his butt. So do stick around. It's a magical world, and we're going exploring.

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