Wednesday, July 23, 2008

fov rakes the muck

It seems so minor, I almost hesitate to put it up. But what the hell. Peter Lalich is in a teeny bit of trouble with the law. Lalich's crime is possession of alcohol and Not Yet Being 21. He will get off with a $71 fine if he doesn't do it again for a year. To be more specific, "The case against Lalich was continued until July 21, 2009, at which point charges will be dropped if there is no recurrence."

Lalich turns 21 on May 18, 2009. What do you want to bet he did not tell the judge this?

Frankly, I'm rather shocked about the whole thing. Not because I can't believe our little boy would do such a thing, no. I'm shocked that the police gave a shit. Had to have been the C-ville police that picked him up. University police are damn near apologetic if they ever ask you to keep the noise down at the party, and it's probably because they do it so little they have forgotten how. One of the many benefits of being a student at UVA instead of some other school is the complete and utter lack of dickitude shown by UVA police.

Enough muckraking. There is also this on how Al Groh is happy to have USC as the opening game. Read: "This year, when we're blown out of the water in the opener, it won't result in Groh Must Go on Beta Bridge, so yay for that." No doubt the painters will wait til the East Carolina game.

The article also makes a small note about Mike Brown - there was some consternation when he was left off the updated roster on Groh is waiting for his legal status to play out. My guess: Brown is probably guilty of the marijuana possession and larceny that he's charged with - they tend not to make arrests for small-fry crimes like that unless they know they got their man. And if the mere charges were enough to bar him from spring practice, a finding of guilty by the courts is not gonna be the trigger to bring him back.

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