Saturday, July 26, 2008

laroy reynolds commits to uva

No sooner do I bother getting a recruiting list up, than someone takes themself off it. Fortunately it's in a good way: Safety Laroy Reynolds committed to UVA today. More on Reynolds when "the recruit" series catches up to him. For now, content yourself with knowing that ESPN and Scout think he's a WR (and here I thought Scout was doing better than the rest at correctly labeling players' positions) but Reynolds' recruiter is Bob Pruett, which should tell you something about which side of the ball he'll be on.

Updated recruit list, minus Reynolds:

RB Tavon Austin
- Pitt, Md, WVU, Tenn, S.Car, UGA, others
RB De'Antwan Williams
- Bama, VT, BC, Md., Rutgers, WVU
RB Antone Exum
- lots, but definitely VT
WR Justin Brown
- PSU, VT, NCSt., S.Car, UNC
WR Sean Farr
- Md., WVU, Akron
WR Timothy Smith
- L'ville, S.Car, WVU, BC
WR Rex Burkhead
- plenty
TE Arthur Fontaine
- UGA, BC, Md.
TE Logan Thomas
- VT, Clemson, WVU, UNC, Wake, Tenn.
OT Nick Kindler
- BC, WVU, Ill., Rutgers
OT Morgan Moses
- pretty much everyone east of the Mississippi
OT Patrick Ward
- about 20 schools
OT Brennan Williams
- BC, Mich., Duke, Md., Wake
C Sam Simpson
- Bama, UK, Tenn., Vandy
DE Duan Perez-Means
- Md., VT, ECU, WVU, Cuse, UConn
DE Michael Buchanan
- Purdue, Ill., Cal, Vandy, KU
DE Lanford Collins
- VT, PSU, Tenn., WVU, Md., NCSt., UNC, BC, Ill.
DE Garry Gilliam
- UConn, PSU, Temple, Pitt, Akron
DE Will Hill
- UConn, Md., Mich., UNC, S.Car
DE Anthony LaLota
- BC, UF, Mich., ND, PSU, Rutgers
DE Bernardo Nunez
- lots
DE DeAntre Rhodes
- VT, Md., Clemson, Tenn.
ILB Austin Moss
- also lots
OLB Tariq Edwards
- Ill., Md., NCSt., S.Car, Vandy, VT, Wake
OLB Jelani Jenkins
- everyone and their aunt
CB Ross Cockrell
- Duke, Liberty
CB Travis Hawkins
- who isn't interested?
S Theron Norman
- Cuse, VT, UConn, Md.
S Javanti Sparrow
- many
DB Joshua Evans
- 28 other schools. for real.

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