Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Here's an article. It's from the RTD, and I'm going to use a bunch of letters and words in this post telling you about it.

Bastaball. Jontel Evans is a basketball/football player from Hampton and a potential Cavalier. In need of a point guard (which Evans does rather well), Leitao has offered him a scholarship, and may even hear from him by the end of the month. But will he play football or basketball, O blogger? Evans himself is not yet sure. He's getting interest from some pretty good schools around the region, but has precious few offers. NC State is the only DI-A school to offer as a running back (link is like a month old but still perfectly up-to-date). Local I-AA schools have offered too. But Evans also has the offer in hand from UVA to play basketball, and, notably, Marquette.

Lacrosse. Yes, I'll be touching on this sport occasionally. I watched precisely two UVA lacrosse games this season. Up until May I lived in the state of Washington, in which UVA lacrosse does not garner high ratings. Hell, UVA football does not garner high ratings. (It's all Huskies this and Apple Cup that.)

Even without the sharply trained eye of even a casual viewer, I could tell one thing: god did we suck at faceoffs. Somewhere in the middle of the UMBC playoff game I began dreading them. Maryland slaughtered us in this department - against them we were 28-of-65 last season, including 3 of 12 in that awful first half in the playoff game. The RTD article you were supposed to click on up there offers hope in the form of a guy who is mediocre at them. Chad Gaudet will join the UVA team for one year after finishing his undergrad degree at Dartmouth, and brings with him a faceoff record that includes 11-for-21 against us. For the record, we were almost exactly .500 on faceoffs last year, but that's inflated somewhat by being much better than crummy teams like VMI and Vermont. Against the big dogs, we stunk.

Ryan Benincasa is the other nugget of hope from the article. Here the Greenwich Post of Greenwich, CT has things to say about him. To summarize: Benincasa's Greenwich High beat Darien High, the lacrosse power in the state of Connecticut sometime in May, and Benincasa was 11-of-18 on faceoffs and scored at least two goals.

Foobow. Meet the Team Day is on August 10 starting at 2 PM. So that should be fun. Also, in case you've been ignoring:

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Retro day is against Richmond and the 1989 team will be honored etc. etc. etc. Good scoop, Richmond Times-Dispatch! Good scoop.

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