Tuesday, July 15, 2008

humble clarification

Catching up the news that I said wasn't there yesterday, only was:

Tucker Windle was not the first out-of-state commitment as mentioned yesterday; he simply was the first to stick. Caleb Porzel was the first. Porzel, a running back from Maryland, decommitted in April when he decided he wasn't keen on playing wide receiver like Al Groh wanted him to do. Porzel is now a Terp.

Also, a little bit of day-old basketball fluffy-fluff on incoming freshman John Brandenburg, from the CDP. Highlights:

- Brandenburg is tall. (6'11" as a matter of fact, though if they don't find an excuse to squeeze an extra inch in there somewhere just to look good on game programs, I'll be mildly surprised.)
- He is also athletic.
- Tunji Soroye is still waiting for that medical redshirt./
- Did we mention this Brandenburg kid is tall?

Lastly some today stuff. There is a little bit of news out of New Jersey, which is important as the home of sooper-dooper-alleyooper defensive end Anthony LaLota, who the Hoos have been recruiting heavily. We're not alone. LaLota has over 40 offers, and they read like a Who's Who list of college football teams: Michigan, Ohio State, Florida, Florida State, Miami, Notre Dame, Penn State, Georgia, Tennessee, LSU. The list goes on. Rivals calls LaLota the 6th best DE in the country but whatever; when 1/3 of I-A schools have offered you and the other 2/3 would probably make room if you, say, called up North Texas and said, "I really want to be a Mean Green....uh....thing", that's when rankings cease to matter. LaLota is the real deal. Anyway, enough blabbing, here is the update. It's just tantalizing enough. LaLota has taken zero action to narrow down that hefty list, but plans to, very soon. Will UVA make the short list? Well, that's the wrong question, son, who do I look like, Anthony LaLota? Do I think UVA will make the short list? Better. And yes. UVA was one of the first to offer, along with Rutgers, back in February right around Signing Day. LaLota has always spoken highly of UVA and has made repeated trips already. So along with Logan Thomas, I like our chances here.

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