Sunday, September 28, 2008

depth chart by class

This is an item shamelessly reappropriated from MGoBlog, which shamelessly reappropriated it from some Tennessee blog, who quite possibly shamelessly reappropriated it from somewhere else. I like it, it's useful, and it's going to be added to the blog.

What it is, is the depth chart, by class. Here's how to interpret the cryptic message:

- The year indicates the final year of eligibility for each player underneath. The freshman column shows both redshirt and true freshmen, each with four full years of eligibility. Above the dashed line are redshirt freshmen; below it are true freshmen. Guys who redshirt simply remain in this column another year and move above the dashed line.

- Bolded players are current starters on the two-deep; italicized are reserves on the two-deep. Players in red are injured and out for the season. Players in purple are injured but expected to be back.

- I've put an (O) next to outside linebackers and an (I) next to inside linebackers. I wanted to make two separate sections but I'd be flipping a coin on some of the players lower on the depth chart, walk-ons and such.

- Players in gray are walk-ons without a scholarship. I've actually removed most of them from the chart; it's getting to be a pain in the butt to track and most of them are never gonna see the field. The ones that might do remain on the list here.

- The small orange number next to the year indicates the number of scholarship players in that year's class. Next to 2014 there are two numbers - the former is actually the number of players with 2015 expirations and the latter is those for 2014.

- Caveat: Not all positions, most especially those along the offensive line, are going to be exactly right. Offensive line in particular - guys without a set position listed on the roster have to go somewhere, so they end up at tackle because that's how they came in.

- This will be permanently linked on the side as part of a hopefully-growing list of resources.

- It's an image because I am dumb and have HTML fluency equal to my Japanese fluency, and can't write tables. Just click on it and it'll get bigger and easy to read.

So there's that, and now there's a basketball one.  I think it's pretty self-explanatory, but one caveat: don't take the numbered positions as complete gospel.  That's sort of a nominal starting point, and not to be read as "either Assane Sene or James Johnson will be on the court at all times because they're the only fives."  You know how it goes in basketball.  Sometimes your biggish shooting guard gets asked to play the four.  Those numbers are written in pencil.

And now guess what - there is lacrosse too!  Positions, again, are....not 100%, especially among the incoming recruiting class where it may not be actually settled yet.  It doesn't help that the official site makes no distinction among midfielders.  But I think they're close.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I love your blog site. Two suggestions for the depth chart by class:

- I would leave off the walk-ons unless they are getting playing time. For example, if I want to see who’s gonna be contending for playing time at receiver, I want to see Kris Burd, Green, and Inman. I don’t want to see Matt Snyder and Johnny Pickett because there’s no chance they are playing until I hear otherwise—they just clutter up the table. If you don’t remove them, you could at least put them in a different color.

- I would put the RS freshmen in a 2011 column, the true freshmen in a 2012 column, and our recruits in a 2013 column. Right now you differentiate the RS freshmen and true freshmen with an asterisk, but I would move them into two different columns to be more clear. This assumes that everyone will redshirt.

Thanks for all the time you put into the site. I know it’s a lot of work.

Anonymous said...

The chart/spreadsheet seems backwards to me. I'd rather see the current year on the left, with the outyears to the right of the main column.

Brendan said...

Honestly, I prefer it this way, with the later years on the left. That way, players move from left to right through the years. I would feel like it's backwards if I switched it.

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong, but I heard that Jake Snyder may get the nod at defensive end over Zane Parr on the other side of Cam Johnson. Is there any truth to this? I think that a young guy like Snyder getting some starting experience after his Redshirt year would be pretty great for the next couple years. He is a VERY smart guy and if his work ethic is anything like his walk-on brother Matt, then it looks like we have a winner in Jake.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting the basketball depth chart, Brendan.

Who do you see as our starting five for this coming season? I know TB values senior leadership so I fully expect our starting five to look like:


However, I feel like Evans will get quite a bit of playing time with Zeglinski at the 2 and Joe moving to the 3.

Adam said...

I know the basketball depth chart is a moving target to hit, but I think this works. The first thing I noticed is what our program 'needs' will be in terms of positional depth each year for recruiting purposes. I'm sure the coaching staff has something similar they look at when figuring out what they need in certain classes.

Brendan said...

That's probably about the right starting five, except that Sammy vs. Jontel might depend on the opponent. No idea right now how to handicap the playing time between those two.

Unknown said...

So I'm looking at our 2012 recruitment right now and we have a bunch of big time defensive line prospects interested...

With the commitment of Wilfred Wahee and Kwontie Moore it seems like Courtnye Wynn (DE) may be close behind. Also, Eli Harold (DE) has us as his clear #1 with a commitment possibly coming soon. Another DE that you have in your BLUE section is Michael Moore (Shawn Moore's son).

So this list consists potentially of:
Courtnye Wynn
Eli Harold
Michael Moore
Rod Chungong
Eli Ankou
Nigel Williams
Korren Kirven
Eddie Goldman

How many guys can we take on the defensive line this year considering the fact that we took 6 on the D-line in 2011?

David Dean
Vincent Croce
Thompson Brown
Marco Jones
Rob Burns
Diamonte Bailey

DE seems extra crowded if we bring in Wynn, Harold, and Moore.

Could Thompson Brown potentially make the switch to TE? I know he played some last season at St. Chris...What about Rob Burns beings a Matt Conrath-esque DT tall and skinny?

Hope this log jam on the D-line that is sure to come doesn't effect guys like Moore, Harold, Wynn, Chungong, Williams and Ankou in their decisions...

Brendan said...

Yup, D-line is a little logjammed, but so many of those guys (i.e. this year's freshmen) are unknown quantities that you have to keep recruiting the position hard. They might ease up in 2013 once they get a better idea of what they have, but there are some definite candidates to get moved around, like Thompson Brown and maybe even Vincent Croce at linebacker (it's been tossed around though I do think it's nuts.)

Anonymous said...

Love the Blog but it's VERY hard to read your Football Recruiting Board page as well as your Depth Chart by Class Football
page. Can you increase the font size?