Thursday, April 16, 2009

well that was fast

A recruitment most of us expected to last a long time wrapped up fast: Philip Sims verbaled up to Alabama. Rats.

If you're one of those guys* who takes everything out of the semi-shady world of recruiting at face value, then it's basically like this: Sims has always been sort of enamored with Alabama, his recent trip down there confirmed his feelings about the place, and he decided that he liked the place enough that there was no sense in waiting. On the other hand, if you're the type that thinks the Illuminati killed Jesus and JFK, Saban has always been a skeezy sort of recruiter now working at a place historically known for recruiting shenanigans, not to mention the type that oversigns classes like crazy. So for a guy to suddenly up and commit when he's been talking all this time about taking a very long time to make his decision and just two days ago was saying he "couldn't be more wide open than he is now" is fishy. Snake oil and suspicions abound. As usual, the truth is probably somewhere in between, and I leave it to you to opine for yourself how close to which side it is. The only decision for me is whether to remove him from the recruiting board entirely or just bump him to red. I figure if he decommits it's not like I'm going to miss out on that news, so off he goes on the next update.

The other piece of news is that Yannick Reyering's football experiment is over with (you know you're getting this quote straight from Al Groh) "knee circumstances." I have basically no reaction to this. With or without Reyering, we're still looking at a season in which field goal range is considerably shrunken from the Chris Gould/Connor Hughes days. Reyering was not on scholarship, so his loss doesn't help that situation either.

Shorter post today because it's time to take a breather from all the bilateral flapping of arms over the basketball team. And because I'm finally getting around to doing something about getting the lacrosse recordings up on YouTube.

*Women know better than to obsess over football recruiting, so I have no qualms about using gender-discriminatory pronouns in this sense.

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