Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2012 recruiting board

Presenting the recruiting board for 2012. Methodology: For the most part, these are players which two or more of the scouting services list UVA among their offers. Players in blue are generally those who already have some kind of connection to or favor UVA; for example, Michael Moore is Shawn Moore's son. Players in green, I feel reasonably good about for some semi-flimsy reason or another, such as having older teammates currently playing at UVA, or maybe UVA was their first offer.

Red players are mostly those for whom UVA is swimming in a huge pile of offers. Typically at least half of these guys eliminate UVA early on; maybe they've even already done so. Yellow is everyone else. The criteria tend to evolve as the recruiting season goes on, of course.

I anticipate a pretty full class, but not quite in the realm of the current one where the coaches are cramming it as full as it can legally get. Much depends on how much of the space that opens up for the class of 2011 comes from uninvited fifth-year seniors, or other attrition.

For the geographically inclined, there is now a recruiting board map.

Please note: this gets updated roughly once a week.  If something happens and I update without reflecting it, kindly let me know - but don't expect daily servings, it's too time-consuming.

Here is the board. May it serve you well.

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Anonymous said...

Alex Carter is a safety from Ashburn, VA who runs a 4.4 in the forty, has a 4.1 gpa and a guy who i think we have a decent chance at getting. We've already offered him. Maybe someone to keep your eye on

Anonymous said...

I don't the Phoebus WR projects to have the grades to get in

jc said...

Darby to Notre Dame

Riggaman said...

We got commitments from Eli Harold and Greyson Lambert. London and his staff are doing their thing. I was only worried about the QB position but the future seems bright with Greyson, Johns and Watford.