Monday, October 13, 2008

ACC Roundtable

In the spirit of the Blogpoll Roundtable, a few ACC blogs have come together to form a merry band of brothers, and being not particularly imaginative we now have the ACC Roundtable. These worthy blogs are, besides myself: BC Interruption, The LegacyX4, Tar Heel Fan, Block-C (the blog formerly known as Danny Ford Is God), and the ringleaders, CollegeGameBalls and Gobbler Country. Yeah, we let the Hokies take charge of this thing. Oops. Not to worry, they're a'ight.

Anyway, the first-ever ACC Roundtable is hosted over at BC Interruption. Let's see what they have in store....

We are about halfway through the season with the heart of the ACC football schedule upon us. Let's take a temperature check. Who ya got in the ACC Championship game? Has this changed at all from the teams you penciled in at the beginning of the season as part of your preseason predictions?

Well, I didn't actually make any preseason predictions, so, so much for that part of the question. As for the other half, I'm not gonna stray too far from the beaten path here, and go with Virginia Tech and Wake Forest. VT has already taken care of the top two threats. Wake should beat Boston College and Maryland to put a similar chokehold on the Atlantic.

We've only played a few ACC games yet we've already seen some upsets of possible Championship game participants - notably Maryland over Clemson, Georgia Tech over Boston College, and Virginia over Maryland. Looking at the remaining ACC schedule, pick one league game for each of your ACC Championship game participants where they could be upset.

Wake's biggest challenge is this coming week at Maryland, not an easy place to play. This is probably their toughest game left, mainly because it's on the road. After that, all the biggest threats have to come to them. As for VT, they too have a difficult game coming up this Saturday - they've always had a tough time against BC. But they get Maryland at home, and an assortment of teams they should beat. We'll push aside BC for now for a blatant bit of homerism. They're most likely to get upset by UVA, mainly because it's a rivalry game and you just never know with rivalry games. Because as I mentioned earlier, they've already dispatched their biggest threats.

Last one, the first BCS standings come out on October 19. While it is unlikely that an ACC team will play its way back into the National Title game conversation and a second at-large berth seems equally unlikely, at least we have the Orange Bowl! Is this the year the league puts an end to their 1-9 BCS skid? Why or why not?

The Orange Bowl gets last pick this year, so it's this year or never. If there's a "BCS Buster(!!!!!)" then the Orange Bowl will be stuck with it, and the ACC champ gets a shot at Utah instead of, say, Missouri. Much nicer. The ACC champ would also beat any second-place team in the Pac-10 or Big East.....but the Big East won't be sending a second team. The other conferences? No way. Even the Big Ten has two very strong teams - Penn State and Ohio State - either of which would demolish what I consider the likely ACC champ, VT.