Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Virginia's Victorious Videos

If you, like myself, are a Michigan fan, you're likely aware of the brilliant work done by WolverineHistorian on YouTube. His videos encapsulate highlights of Michigan football games (wins, to be precise) of the past - some are the type you'd actually search for, like Michigan-Michigan State of 2004, and others are ones you've long forgotten about but you just sort of run across and say, hey, cool. As best I can tell, however, the UVA faithful have no similar resource. Oh, sure, you can find Chris Long's safety against Maryland pretty easy, and a couple random game clips here and there. UVA22001 has a few highlight clips of games gone by, and I highly recommend them, but there are only four in his collection. So we 'Hoos have been rather deprived.

Until now.

Presenting Virginia's Victorious Videos. In a fashion similar to WolverineHistorian and the aforementioned UVA22001, I've distilled some of UVA's football triumphs into short story-telling highlight clips. You'll be able to relive our wins, YouTube style. I intend to take every UVA victory that I record, clip it, and YouTube it for your nostalgic viewing pleasure.

Here's what you can expect:

- Pretty much every football game from here on out, and that includes this season and some of last.

- Pretty much every basketball game that comes over the tubes here in MI.

- Worthwhile lacrosse, baseball, and soccer games. Whatever's up on ESPNU, essentially.

- Improving videos, as I learn how this stuff works, and possibly purchase actual decent software instead of using Windows Video Stamping Plant. Constructive suggestions, of course, are always welcome.

Here's what not to expect:

- Anything prior to 2007. Sorry, I don't have the recordings. TiVo service began in the FOV household just then. If by lucky serendipity, someone does have them and wants to send them to me, I'd be more than happy to clip it and post it and credit the sender. Otherwise, sorry.

- Losses. You don't want to relive them and neither do I.

This page will have links to the videos on YouTube - I'd just embed them here but eventually this page would get too big and clunky.

The library:


1995 UVA vs. Georgia (Peach Bowl)
1999 UVA at Brigham Young
1999 UVA vs. Georgia Tech

2003 UVA vs. Pittsburgh (Continental Tire Bowl)

2007 UVA vs. Duke (courtesy of TheSabre poster CCav59)
2007 UVA vs. Georgia Tech (courtesy of TheSabre poster CCav59)
2007 UVA at Maryland
2007 UVA vs. Wake Forest (courtesy of TheSabre poster CCav59)
2007 UVA at Miami

2008 UVA vs. Richmond
2008 UVA vs. Maryland
2008 UVA vs. East Carolina
2008 UVA vs. North Carolina
2008 UVA at Georgia Tech

2009 UVA at North Carolina
2009 UVA at Maryland

2010 UVA vs. Miami (coming soon!)

2012 UVA vs. Penn State


2009 UVA at Johns Hopkins (regular season)
2009 UVA vs. Maryland
2009 UVA vs. Villanova (NCAA tournament)
2009 UVA vs. Johns Hopkins (NCAA tournament)

2010 UVA at Towson
2010 UVA vs. Johns Hopkins
2010 UVA at Maryland
2010 UVA vs. North Carolina
2010 UVA vs. Stony Brook (NCAA tournament)

2011 UVA vs. Cornell
2011 UVA vs. North Carolina (coming soon!)
2011 UVA vs. Bucknell (NCAA tournament)
2011 UVA vs. Cornell (NCAA tournament)
2011 UVA vs. Denver (NCAA tournament)
2011 UVA vs. Maryland (NCAA championship)


2009 UVA vs. Florida State (ACC tournament)
2009 UVA vs. UC-Irvine (Game 3 NCAA regional)
2009 UVA vs. UC-Irvine (Game 6 NCAA regional)
2009 UVA vs. Mississippi (Game 3 NCAA super-regional)
2009 UVA vs. Cal-State Fullerton (College World Series Game 5)

2011 UVA vs. UC-Irvine (Game 1 NCAA super-regional)
2011 UVA vs. UC-Irvine (Game 3 NCAA super-regional) - RALLY TO OMAHA
2011 UVA vs. California (College World Series) (coming soon!)
2011 UVA vs. California (College World Series) (coming soon!)

2015 UVA vs. Maryland (Game 1 NCAA super-regional)
2015 UVA vs. Maryland (Game 2 NCAA super-regional)


2009 UVA vs. Wake Forest (College Cup Semifinal)
2009 UVA vs. Akron (College Cup Final)


2009 UVA vs. Cleveland State (Cancun Challenge 3rd place game)
2010 UVA vs. NC State
2010 UVA vs. Miami
2010 UVA at UNC
2010 UVA vs. NC State

2010 UVA vs. Oklahoma (coming soon!)
2010 UVA at Minnesota (coming soon!)
2011 UVA vs. Clemson (coming soon!)
2011 UVA at Georgia Tech (coming soon!)

2012 UVA at Wisconsin
2013 UVA vs. North Carolina
2013 UVA vs. Clemson
2013 UVA vs. Duke

2013 UVA vs. SMU
2014 UVA vs. Notre Dame
2014 UVA vs. Maryland
2014 UVA vs. Syracuse


Anonymous said...

what an awesome idea!

thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Just found this video feature. I was surprised at how few videos I could find of the Hoos on YouTube and was going to start doing this myself. Just watched the highlights of the Virginia-Miami game from 2007. What a game that was!

Fantastic stuff. Keep it up!

friedy said...

been looking all over for highlights of the UVA-VT football game last year, seeing Vic bust those 2 big runs gets me excited for this season. Any way you can post them or do you know where I can find them? Thanks.

Brendan said...

I delete losses. I don't want to relive them. I realize that does sometimes leave out some exciting plays, but I hate watching those plays and in the back of my mind knowing it didn't matter. Plus it cuts down on my workload for doing this.