Friday, January 15, 2010

Sporcle quizzes

You know what's fun? Sporcle, that's what. If you've never been to Sporcle, and you think that God gave us way too many hours in the day and don't intend to spend them productively, this is the place to burn them off. If you have been to Sporcle, then surely you've said to yourself at some point, "Gee whillikers, this place is great, but the one thing that would make it perfect would be more quizzes about UVA." The Sporcle folks can thank me later, but you'll be thanking yourself for clicking on this page and finding out that just such quizzes now exist.

As a public service toward the goal of killing as much otherwise-productive time as possible, I've now set foot into the world of making UVA Sporcle quizzes, and you can find links to them here, always and forevermore. There are two to start with, and I'll add more at random when-I-feel-like-it intervals. That is, when I'm not busy trying to memorize the countries of the world in alphabetical order or remember all the quarterbacks drafted in the first round since 1980. Now you can get smart on aspects of UVA trivia with the following quizzes:

Quarterbacks to start a game in the '00s
Football coaches, all-time
Bowl opponents
Draft picks of the '00s

Got some ideas for another quiz? By all means, let me know. This page will go on the side to be permanently displayed with all the other fun stuff so you can always find it.

I won't make you pledge your quiz, but as always, we are on the Honor System, so NO CHEATING on the quizzes!


Anonymous said...

Love the blog. Good read.

Lambeth Field said...

Thanks for the quiz. I had almost forgot about Anthony (darn USC game).

Anonymous said...

Hey, just found this blog today, like what you're doing here. Anyway, I just wanted to share this Sporcle quiz I made a while ago about Virginia basketball

Have a wonderful day