Friday, January 25, 2013

2014 recruiting board

You were promised it this week and here it is: the 2014 recruiting board.  It is perhaps a little smaller than it might have been.  The coaches are being a little choosier because there isn't as much space this year.

The names you see here are not every prospect UVA has offered; mainly the ones that don't show are those I figured that UVA had no chance at all.  The list ranges from likely to mildly conceivable that listed name could pick UVA, with you knowing the drill by now about the colors.  (Even if you don't, it's pretty self-intuitive.)  UVA has already picked up one commitment: DT Chris Nelson, who did so back in August.

Don't totally give up hope, by the way, on a name in red.  Since I'm being more judicious with names than I was in the early days of doing this, red names, at least to start with, are not completely absurd longshots.  Last year's original look put Zach Bradshaw in red.  He moved up quick, but the point is it's an imperfect art.  A lot of these recruits don't even know yet what they want to do, so don't go bugging me to know that with a certainty either.  As usual, it's a probability thing, and grains of salt are standard issue.

Anyway, I've talked enough.  Here's the long-awaited list.

Latest changes:

-- Added LB Chris Peace and DE Cory Jones (re-add in that case) to orange. 

-- Moved OL Will Richardson from orange to maroon.

-- Removed CB DaiQuan Lawrence from blue; recommitted to Wake Forest.

-- Removed DB Daniel Ezeagwu from green (Maryland.)

-- Removed TE Blake Whiteley (Texas) and CB Cornelius Floyd (Arkansas) from yellow.

-- Moved DT Derrick Nnadi from red to yellow. 

-- Added LB Vincent Jackson and CB Ladarius Wiley to yellow.


Anonymous said...

Very nice list. Beyond the impact state kids, I think the most important thing for this class is shoring up the trenches. We don't know how Olanrewaju will develop, and the OT depth chart still looks spotty for me this upcoming season, let alone 2 years from now. Until the interior OL makes me feel good, I'll still be wary of it. Defensively, Nelson helps address some DT depth, which will be needed, particularly since we don't know if Brathwaite finds his way back.

WR quickness may be another need. 2014-2015 would be Jennings/Terrell

daj857 said...

Maize - Corwin is now a 4* on 24/7 Sports, so you can add one more 4* to our commit list! :)