Thursday, July 9, 2009

recruiting board update

Before I get to that, though, I have some lousy news for me. And you, really. RTD beat writer Jeff White is taking a position in the University's SID department. That sucks. White was pretty much the best MSM guy covering UVA, and now he's leaving a place where he was well-positioned to dig up a lot of interesting insider bits and new angles and bring them to the masses, and going somewhere where he has access to all the insider bits and new angles and will not be putting them out, ever. In other words, he's going from reporting what we want to know about the program to what they want us to know about the program. Well, it's probably a good deal for White, so yay for him, but boo for me, his blog is one less place for me to find stuff to run my mouth about.

Anyway, recruiting board. It's been a little while, actually, since the last one was early last week and here it is Thursday.

- Removed DE Henry Anderson (Stanford commit, dammit) and CB Karl Butler (Vandy commit.)

- Added LB Holmes Onwukaife to red. Lot of offers here. Onwukaife tried to commit to Michigan last month, but as Michigan had already taken its quota of commitments at his position, he was turned down. It was that situation that caused me to predict (which I still stand by) that Marcus Rush will be a Hoo.

- Added LB Dominique Guinn-Bailey and huge DT Bruce Gaston to yellow. Gaston is being recruited by most of the Big Ten and would be a nice pickup, as a massive, lineman-eating NT is a linchpin of the 3-4 defense.

- For reasons that irritate and mystify and are behind paywalls at the moment so not available here for now, S Ed Reynolds drops from blue to red.

Not a tremendous amount of movement, really. It's a little bit of a quieter period: a lot of guys are setting up and gathering info for a preseason commit so they don't have to deal with both next year's football and this year's football all at once. Come late July and August they'll start dropping like flies for a little while.

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Anonymous said...

Whats especially annoying about the Jeff White news is that I will be forced to resort to reading Ratcliffe and that fat fellow's tripe at the Daily Progress.