Wednesday, July 22, 2009

recruiting board update

It's that time again, time to update the ol' board o' recruiting, but before we get there, a word about next week, please. I'll be going on a nice little summer vacation starting Friday and lasting a week. Yes, a whole week. Don't look at me like that, I've spent this whole offseason putting forth content when there's no games to be watching. It's break time. Now: a post tomorrow is probable but not guaranteed, I need to pack and stuff too. I can basically guarantee you no content at all from Friday to Wednesday. Thursday through Sunday, maybe a post or two, maybe.

The next Monday, however, is go time. We'll be in full-on preseason mode. Play time is over. Through August, you can expect, just like last year, a season preview of all 11 other ACC teams, plus our four non-conference opponents (William & Mary, TCU, Southern Miss, and Indiana for the forgetful) and of course, a post each devoted to our own offense and defense. I've just promised you seventeen posts over about thirty days in addition, obviously, to recruiting board updates, potential August commitments, and whatever else might happen. Plus, some high school seasons begin in August, plus the Blogpoll is gearing back up, so I will have ballots and roundtable entries. It will truly be full-out football time. I hope you're ready.

Now, you may have your update:

- Removed elsewhere commits LB Brian Laiti (VT), WR Tyrek Cheeseboro (Maryland), DE James Kittredge (Vandy.) Laiti never actually had an offer, I just kept him on there because I figured the coaches might get around to sending one if everything else failed. I'm glad he committed somewhere finally, now I don't have to weakly justify his presence to myself.

- Moved all the safeties to red and dropped a few off the list. As well, those who once were corners are now safeties. We're still out recruiting actual cornerbacks and not safeties.

- Speaking of corners, CB Rijo Walker moves up to blue, and CB James Scales is added to yellow.

- Moved DT Harold Legania up to yellow.

- For the second time this year, removed TE Josh Lovell. I decided I can't see us recruiting any tight ends.

- Rivals just did a big shakeup of their star ratings, so that column is updated some.

As you can see, the list is getting way slim. Used to be half again as big as it is now, but for about two months now, names have been coming off faster than new ones have been added. We have, I think, 5-7 more spots open. Recruits now are split up basically into two camps: those that want to get their decision out of the way before their season begins and not have to worry about recruiting, and those that want to use their official visits and take their time. By September 5 I expect it to be quite a bit slimmer.

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