Wednesday, July 15, 2009

recruiting board update

I have to be at work again at 8:00 tonight and will probably be there til 9:30 or so. People in different time zones are Too Important to inconvenience themselves even a little bit, so I get uber-inconvenience out of the deal. So today's post is just a quick recruiting board update. Here's what we got for ya. It's not good news, really.

- Removed WR Alex Kenney (Penn State), LB Jamal Wallace (Duke), and CB Urell Johnson (Southern Miss.) Johnson would have been nice to have. Wallace I can live without; I'd rather have Attaochu and/or Rush. But, fark, man. I really wanted Kenney and thought we had a better-than-even shot of getting him.

- Moved S Detric Allen to red. His offer is verbal only, and we're getting equivalent interest back from him, and frankly there just ain't much to that whole relationship.

- Moved TE Josh Lovell to red as well. He's got Maryland written all over him.

- One thing I haven't done is move QB Stephen Morris up to blue. The rules I laid out for myself for updating this recruiting board would suggest he ought to be up there, but as it's my blog I reserve the right to break those at any time, and I'm just too pessimistic about Morris to move him up.

Commentary: That blue section got quite a bit smaller over the past couple weeks without increasing the orange ranks any. And about that blue list: the only player on there that I feel better than 50/50 about our chances with is Marcus Rush. Robbie Havenstein, I'd say about 50/50 even. If all of the players in blue committed, which they won't because it would overload us at certain positions and leave us thin elsewhere, that'd be 16 commits. I would guess that no more than three of those in blue will actually be Hoos. We'll probably pull one or two, maybe, from the yellow group eventually. The upshot is that probably half the rest of the class will be names that aren't even on there right now. I don't know why I'm saying that, because it certainly doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement that says, "Hey! Final authority, right here!" Perhaps to prep you for the idea that this class will almost assuredly end up 11th or 12th when the gurus rank the ACC. Whether that even matters or not, I have no idea.

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