Thursday, August 21, 2008

Groh announces starter!!1!1

Told you the Pruett thing ain't so bad. A short couple of days after new affidavits were filed in the case, which accused Bob Pruett of blatant violations of NCAA rules, one of the players who made a sworn statement recanted his testimony. If you read the articles that were linked to the other day, you might remember that the players' affidavits, at least in some cases, were the same, word for word. Fishy. Smells like a legal clerk printing up two copies of the same thing. Now half of that evidence is called into question. Not only will nothing come of this as far as our University is concerned, but the entire lawsuit itself may be dismissed.

Kickers. We have kickers. And per Kris at TheSabre, whose insider information is infinity times better than mine (because I have none, I'm just a loudmouth with opinions), we have an official pecking order for those kickers. Yannick Reyering, the sawker player, has been named the starter, barring total meltdown or injury. No, the quarterback hasn't been named, and we may as well assume that we'll have to wait til USC kickoff or after to find out who's gonna line up under center.

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