Friday, August 1, 2008

recruiting update

Time to get a fresh look at the recruiting picture. The updated board is below for your perusal and enjoyment; those who've been keeping up like good students can just read the updates:


OT Nick Kindler (committed to West Virginia)
DE Duan Perez-Means (committed to Virginia Tech)
LB Austin Moss (committed to Arkansas)
LB Tariq Edwards (committed to Virginia Tech)
CB Ross Cockrell (committed to Duke)
S Theron Norman (committed to Virginia Tech)


S Taylor Sowell (decommitted from North Carolina)

Sowell is a Rivals three-star and an ESPN watch-lister. He committed to North Carolina in February, claiming lifelong fanhood. Receiving an offer from Miami in June perked up his interest, though, and they should be considered the front-runner for now.

The list:

RB Tavon Austin
- Pitt, Md, WVU, Tenn, S.Car, UGA, others
RB De'Antwan Williams
- Bama, VT, BC, Md., Rutgers, WVU
RB Antone Exum
- lots, but definitely VT
WR Justin Brown
- PSU, VT, NCSt., S.Car, UNC
WR Sean Farr
- Md., WVU, Akron
WR Timothy Smith
- L'ville, S.Car, WVU, BC
WR Rex Burkhead
- plenty
TE Arthur Fontaine
- UGA, BC, Md.
TE Logan Thomas
- VT, Clemson, WVU, UNC, Wake, Tenn.
OT Morgan Moses
- pretty much everyone east of the Mississippi
OT Patrick Ward
- about 20 schools
OT Brennan Williams
- BC, Mich., Duke, Md., Wake
C Sam Simpson
- Bama, UK, Tenn., Vandy
DE Michael Buchanan
- Purdue, Ill., Cal, Vandy, KU
DE Lanford Collins
- VT, PSU, Tenn., WVU, Md., NCSt., UNC, BC, Ill.
DE Garry Gilliam
- UConn, PSU, Temple, Pitt, Akron
DE Will Hill
- UConn, Md., Mich., UNC, S.Car
DE Anthony LaLota
- BC, UF, Mich., ND, PSU, Rutgers
DE Bernardo Nunez
- lots
DE DeAntre Rhodes
- VT, Md., Clemson, Tenn.
OLB Jelani Jenkins
- everyone and their aunt
CB Travis Hawkins
- who isn't interested?
S Javanti Sparrow
- many
S Taylor Sowell
- Miami, VT, WVU, GT
DB Joshua Evans
- 28 other schools. for real.

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